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Tight knot fishnet

Machine: RSFL 8 El, RSFL 8 N-4M
Gauge: E 12
Article Number: 2001/92

This knotless fishnet with normal knot belongs to the light fishnets. The repeat here consists of two areas - the knot and the bar length, which in this pattern is 5 mm.  The close-meshed net is used, among other things, for fish traps. The material used is a flat polyamide yarn 6 multifilament.

Use as a net for tulip bulbs, pallet net, bird net, wasp net, scaffolding protection net, stable ventilation net.

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  • RSFL 8 EL
    RSFL 8 EL

    RSFL 8 EL Special raschel machine with electronic guide bar control for producing lightweight fishing nets