Our environmental objectives

  • Sustainable production - sustainable products

    With our machines and technologies we offer our customers environmentally friendly, energy-saving, resource-efficient and, thus, sustainable solutions. One of our latest innovations with ecological useful effect is the equipment of our tricot machines with components made from carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP). Our Technical Textiles Business Unit concentrates on the processing of high-performance fibers such as carbon. With a unique size box and an innovative process technology developed by our Warp Preparation unit we are setting new standards in terms of energy efficiency, waste generation and chemical consumption.

    Moreover, the warp-knitted fabrics produced on KARL MAYER machines also contribute to protect the environment and save resources. Warp-knitted spacer fabrics, for example, are used for water collection in deserts or for heat regulation in low-energy houses. Multiaxial textiles are used as steel replacement for the reinforcement of concrete or of composites, thus, enabling the production of thin and lightweight components. Shade nets in greenhouses eliminate the need for
    energy-intensive air-conditioning systems, just to name a few applications of textiles in the service of sustainability.

    We plan, develop and manufacture our products and render our services by considering the entire product life cycle in such a way as to protect the environment and human health and to save natural resources. To tap new potentials in this respect, KARL MAYER has been working together with leading institutes and business partners for a long time.

  • Energy and resource efficiency

    KARL MAYER focuses on the topic of energy efficiency when it comes to the further development of its textile machines. The so-called Low Energy Option (LEO®) can considerably reduce the energy consumption.

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  • Blue Competence

    For the company’s commitment to environmental protection, KARL MAYER was awarded the international brand label BLUE COMPETENCE by VDMA (German Engineering Federation) within the scope of its sustainability initiative.