Technical Textiles

Weft insertion machines

KARL MAYER can supply you with a broad spectrum of warp knitting machines with parallel weft insertion. Our wide range of machines can cater for a large number of different applications.

We can supply the WEFTTRONIC® II RS for producing all types of coating substrates. Our portfolio also includes the WEFTTRONIC® II HKS, the TM WEFT and RSP MSUS for producing interlinings, curtains and interior furnishings. We also offer the RS MSUS-G/HG and RS MSUS-V for special applications, such as geogrids made from glass rovings or containing webs.

Our weft insertion machines can produce both dense fabrics as well as grids having different sized openings to suit the end product, in working widths of 3500 - 6800 mm. Of course, they all offer top quality and optimum productivity.

The textiles are usually made up of three yarn systems. The warp and weft yarns give the products a distinctive appearance. The knitting yarns of an additional guide bar consolidate the textile in line with the pattern.

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