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Sports and safety net

Machine: HDR 8 EL
Gauge: E 6
Article Number: 1998/476

The advantage of double face fabrics is the identical look on both sides. As well as the visual benefit, this ensures a correct connection of the net in production because the fabric sides cannot be mistaken. Further, the surface of warp knitted nets is flat so that no injuries can be caused by protruding knots, when it is used as a safety net for workers on construction sites.

The application possibilities are vast:

Sports: goals (e.g. football, hockey, handball), ball stop nets (e.g. in stadiums to protect visitors or as fence for outdoor sports fields), dividing nets in gyms

Construction sites: safety net (fall protection for construction workers), construction site fence, cover net (e.g. securing of loads)

The size of the holes and the yarn quality can be varied depending on the application field.

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