KM.ON GmbH, situated in Frankfurt/Main and a part of the KARL MAYER Group, stands at the forefront of digital innovation in the textile industry. KM.ON is dedicated to developing a comprehensive portfolio of smart software solutions for the warp and flat knitting textile sector. With KARL MAYER, the innovative world market leader in textile machinery engineering as its sole shareholder, KM.ON leverages a robust financial foundation, deep industry know-how, and extensive capacities.

At the heart of KM.ON's mission is the rapid and flexible development of new digital solutions that offer tangible added value to customers. This is achieved by harmonizing KARL MAYER's vast experience with the latest in cutting-edge technology, thereby optimizing essential processes and boosting efficiency.

Understanding the complex and dynamic nature of the textile industry, KM.ON specializes in providing innovative solutions to the unique challenges faced by textile businesses. The company's Digital Unit is composed of a team of software specialists and technology experts who support customers throughout their digital transformation journey. KM.ON ensures a seamless transition to the digital textile business, with resulting benefits like increased efficiency, cost savings, and reduced time to market.

KM.ON is driven by the belief that digitalizing the shop floor is crucial for the future of the industry. Positioned at the forefront of this digital transformation, KM.ON is not just responding to the industry's current needs but is actively shaping its future, helping textile businesses thrive in the digital age.

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Walther-von-Cronberg-Platz 2-18 60594 Frankfurt am Main