"The KARL MAYER Group acts on the basis of trust, fairness and reliability"

Arno Gärtner (CEO) and Dr. Helmut Preßl (CFO)

Code of Conduct

Our company stands for more than 80 years of decisive impulses and innovations for the textile industry, but at the same time also for a corporate culture that has evolved and is unique to us.

The values, standards and attitudes that unite us go back to our founder Karl Mayer. They are trust, fairness and stability. We actively live with and for each other, treat each other with respect and show the same appreciation for our business partners, stakeholders and the environment. This common identity is both a strength and an obligation. Together we bear the responsibility for the reputation of our group of companies; each individual shapes the community.

This Code of Conduct brings together all the important basic principles that apply at the KARL MAYER Group and defines firm guidelines for our work. It serves as a guide and applies to every single employee of the KARL MAYER Group, right up to the management. Our Code of Conduct is dynamic and will be expanded as required.

Our Code of Conduct is not only an aspiration for ourselves; it is also a promise to our business partners, customers and colleagues, as well as to our society. With our corporate culture as basis, we give them all a firm value promise.

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KARL MAYER stands for fairness, trust and stability as well as for motivated, responsible employees. This is the basis of our reputation and of our sustainable economic success.


Each member of the workforce promotes the safety and health protection in his or her working environment and complies with the relevant regulations.


Data protection is not only a legal requirement, but also an expression of honest and fair behaviour towards employees and business partners. The protection of personal data, in particular of our employees, customers, suppliers and other partners, is of particular importance to the KARL MAYER Group.


The intellectual property of our company represents a competitive advantage for the KARL MAYER Group and therefore we need to protect these assets from any unauthorized access by third parties.