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LEISUREE.LACE - created for the application range between athleisure and lingerie
The sparkling accents are revealed in the light
The precious velvet shimmer is revealed by draping in the light
The slight gloss of the polyamide makes the golden yellow even more radiant
pure white clipped lace
The voluminous material gives the pattern an natural look
The edges are covered with eyelashes
different zones on the front of the garment
Uniform three-dimensionality due to pleats
Subtle embroidery-like pattern on elastic groundstructure
Symmetrical pattern for outerwear
The jacquard structure gives the impression of coarse fabric quality
Chequerboard contructed by different lappings
Grid for carbon reinforced concrete
Clear delimitation between plain and raised areas
Separating pillar stitches ensure an easy manufacture of bands
The pattern clearly stands out against the fabric ground.
Blue wavy trimming with Jacquard pattern
Elastic band with Picot edging
The eyelashes stand out against the three-dimensional edging.
Light, elastic fabric for sportswear
Leisuree fabric for lingerie
leisuree fabric
leisuree fabric
Heavy towel quality
Soft pile made from cotton
The hole sizes can be adjusted to the relevant requirements
Coloured lengthwise stripes with open-worked parts
Paisley motif on warp-knitted spacer fabric
Natural appearance due to cotton
When viewed against the light, you can clearly see the variance of the pattern materials
Delicate ground structure with different threadings
Geogrid on nonwoven ground
Open-meshed net made from polyethylene tapes
Safety nets are often used for construction sites.
The film tapes form an almost closed textile surface
The individual legs are reinforced by two inlay threads each
Different hole sizes result in cross stripes
By using various colors in the warp, it is possible to produce a multicolored pattern
Big patterns can be produced by means of the EL drive
Pastel-coloured band with polychromatic edging
Delicate tulle structure made on a RSJ 5/1 machine
Elastic article manufactured on a RSJ 4/1 machine
Open fabric structure made on a HKS 3-M machine
The colourful dragonfly design is produced by means of the burn-out technology
Elastic lingerie fabric in timeless berry shade
Sophisticated tulle variant in classic black
The ground variation supports the clear pattern arrangement
Every ornament is perfectly accentuated by the gloss of the Lurex yarns
Brilliant white on a transparent ground structure
Delicate, elastic fabric in vivid colours
By varying the opening sizes it is possible to obtain discreet cross stripes
Delicate floral pattern on stable Power-Net ground
Honeycomb structure with different appearance
Colour variations show different effects of the fabric structure
Really trendy - velvet convinces with a wonderful shiny surface
Small high-low patterning with slight honeycomb structure
Engineered mesh structures
Jacquard leopard skin look produced on the RSJ 4/1 machine
Slight high-low effects as checked pattern
Close-up view of the 3D structure - top side
•	Bourdon cord yarns lend the lace its distinctive character
Pile velour pattern on tricot ground with geometric high-low designs
Article 2015/127
•	High elasticity and relief-like appearance are distinguishing features of the Article 2015-60
Allover paisly pattern
Delicately patterned spacer fabric for outer garments