KARL MAYER Company Values

The Mayer family set their course for the future and confirms their long-term commitment to the company. They stand behind KARL MAYER and on this basis established company values, which give all of us, management and employees, a clear orientation for all our actions.

  • KARL MAYER is a family company

    Continuous profitable growth and assurance of financial independence are the cornerstones of our corporate strategy. The entrepreneurial spirit of the family defines KARL MAYER by common sense, solidity and pragmatism. “Do it well, or don’t do it at all” is our motto; what we do, we do it right.

  • Innovativeness and focus on the future

    Innovativeness and focus on the future made us big. KARL MAYER is technology leader and cost leader. We set the benchmarks in our industry, we are the driving force for innovations by technical competence and closeness to our customers – their success is our success; “We care about your future”. With our products, our production processes and our operations and locations, we improve ourselves continuously.

  • Quality

    Quality defines our products, our plants, our company, our culture and our market approach. As worldwide market leader KARL MAYER operates in a very competitive environment. Quality is the key to open up new markets and to engage talented employees. Intensive cooperation with customers and dependability are our core strengths.

  • Fairness and trust

    Fairness and trust work inside and outside. This determines our relations with our employees, cooperation partners and our customers. KARL MAYER takes responsibility – for employment, joint ventures and Business relations. Complete integrity in personal behavior and a strong identification with the needs of customers are the basis of our success.

  • Globally-oriented company

    As a globally-oriented company we manufacture in our markets. Thinking internationally creates closeness to customers. Producing in specific markets is the engine of our growth strategy and keeps us open to identify new opportunities. This requires respect for different cultures and strict compliance with the laws of the countries where we are active.

  • Leadership

    Leadership means to act responsibly for the benefit of the entire enterprise. Staff promotion, everybody’s commitment and cooperation beyond the individual business units stand for our strengths.