KM.ON Digital Solutions

KM.ON’s digital portfolio of services will support customers in selected areas and is made up of eight solution categories. k.ey – a conventional industry PC together with an appropriate software – provides access to the solutions. The platform of hardware and software can be installed easily and links the machines securely to the protected cloud.

The system is made up of eight KM.ON solution categories. The first apps and solutions covering the three areas of Management, Maintenance and Service, are available on the market now.

  • enables you to look at the current production process, regardless of location and in real time. The production data are displayed clearly on a dashboard. This simple way of delivering information improves process transparency and acts as a valid database for decision-making and planning. These advantages are based on KARL MAYER’s own system of machine networking.

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  • k.maintenance

    The solutions in the k.maintenance category are designed to support in your own maintenance operations. As the first solution, KARL MAYER is showcasing the CHECK PARTS app for testing the authenticity of the spare parts, with expanded functions. Above all, the scan-to-order feature is new and makes it even easier to order spare parts online. Automatic data transfer improves a day-to-day operations when ordering on site, as well as for warehousing.

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  • k.service

    k.service's product world will, in the long term, include all the functions that manage the communication with KARL MAYER, should you require assistance. The ability to make contact quickly, together with efficient communication procedures, guarantees a high level of machine availability. k.service is based on the tried-and-tested CONNECT app.

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