The company history of the KARL MAYER Group


A new chapter opens

2019: Relocation of KARL MAYER Academy Obertshausen to new facilities.

  • 2019: KARL MAYER joins with RABATEX INDUSTRIES and A.T.E. to found the joint venture KARL MAYER Textile Machinery India Private Limited, based in Mumbai and with a production plant in Ahmedabad.

  • 2019: Opening of the new R&D centre as the heart of the in-house denim centre of excellence at KARL MAYER ROTAL.

  • 2020: Signing of the contract to acquire the STOLL Group, which transferred to KARL MAYER on 1 July 2020. As a result, solutions for the two most important stitch-forming processes – warp knitting and weft knitting – are now offered from a single source.



2017: Opening of the development centre for double-bar raschel technology at NIPPON MAYER.

  • 2017: Founding of the software start-up KM.ON GmbH to develop digital solutions.

  • 2018: Acquisition of continuous dyeing technology for denim warp preparation from MASTER.

  • 2018: Initiation of participation in ADAMOS, an alliance of industrial and software companies.

  • 2018: Delivery of the 125,000th machine. 


KARL MAYER- the innovative market leader

2015: The new corporate machine design will be premiered at ITMA in Milan

  • 2015: Setting-up of KARL MAYER Technische Textilien GmbH resulting from the merger of LIBA and MALIMO

  • 2015: New Competence Center Parts & Components at the headquarters in Obertshausen

  • 2016: Opening of the new assembly hall in Obertshausen.


KARL MAYER’s strategic reorientation

2007: New Customer and Development Center in Obertshausen

  • 2008: Official opening of the new factory building of KARL MAYER (CHINA) Ltd. in Changzhou

  • 2008: Takeover of the weaving warp preparation division of Benninger/Switzerland

  • 2013: The longstanding managing partner, Fritz P. Mayer, leaves the company’s operational management (age-related retirement) and represents the Mayer family in the Supervisory Board together with Suzanne Forker

  • 2013: Arno Gärtner joins the Management Board of the KARL MAYER Holding

  • 2014: KARL MAYER acquires the majority ownership of LIBA Maschinenfabrik GmbH


Further innovations and new technology

The Textronic® Lace TL 66/1/36 and the Fascination Lace FL 20/16, the first representatives of a new generation of lace machines, create quite a stir on the market.

  • 2003: The Gir-O-Matic warp sampling machine sets new standards in terms of efficiency, flexibility and quality

  • 2003: One of the distinguishing features of KARL MAYER’s new lace machinery generation is a complete package of innovations

  • 2005: KAMCOS (KARL MAYER Command System) finds it way into all KARL MAYER machines, thus, ensuring a competent management of the entire computer technology of the machines


Growth and expansion in China

KARL MAYER continues to expand in China, and by establishing KARL MAYER Technical Service Ltd. the company is able to offer a comprehensive on-site technical support in terms of sales and services.

  • 2001: By setting up the Warp Knitting Research Center, KARL MAYER can offer periodical training courses to its customers, can provide information via the Internet, and can publish the textile magazine „Kettenwirk-Praxis“ in Chinese language


Opening up of new business areas and new locations

1991: Market launch of KARL MAYER’s first warp preparation unit for weaving

  • 1995: Foundation of the first KARL MAYER subsidiary in China (KARL MAYER
    Textile Machinery, Ltd, Wujin, China)

  • 1998: Takeover of MALIMO Maschinenbau GmbH in Chemnitz (1992), and of Rotal s.r.L, Italy, today’s KARL MAYER Rotal


International expansion and further development of corporate technology

Already at an early stage the company has been operating on the world market, resulting in KARL MAYER’s international expansion: first overseas subsidiary in Clifton, New Jersey.

  • 1956: The first Multibar lace Raschel machine for lace articles is manufactured

  • 1957: The first double-bar Raschel machine is delivered to the customer

  • 1967: Production of the first Jacquard Raschel machine

  • 1980: The founder’s three sons Ulrich, Ingo and Fritz P. Mayer join the company’s management board


Company foundation and development to a textile machinery manufacturer

Karl Mayer sets up a mechanical workshop for the production of turned parts in Obertshausen, and several years later the company starts with the production of warp knitting machines.

  • 1948: Delivery of the first KARL MAYER warp knitting machine

  • 1953: Production of the first Raschel machine

  • 1954: KARL MAYER delivers the 1,000th warp knitting machine