Academy Turkey

In 2023 we started our training offers in our new location in Bursa.

We provide our customers with the following trainings in Turkish language.

Basic introduction to warp knitting
3-day theoretical training for beginners and advanced knitters

  • Stitchforming process
  • Machine elements and their function
  • Lapping notation
  • Basic lappings
  • Lapping combinations
  • Threading and meshes
  • Calculation of run-ins
  • Run-in sequences
  • Creating a pattern with k.innovation
  • Basics of warping

Basic machine handling and maintenance
5-day practical training for beginners and advanced knitters

  • How to thread in ground bars
  • Detecting errors in a fabric and causes of errors
  • Troubleshooting
  • Operation of KAMCOS 2
  • Pattern change and set-up of the machine
  • Maintenance

Specialisation Connectivity
1-day training for advanced knitters only

  • Introduction to k.innovation Core lite
  • Creating patterns
  • Produce a pattern on a machine
  • Operation of KAMCOS 2
  • Introduction of the customer platform, dashboard and more

Basics of fabric analysis
4-day training for beginners and advanced knitters

  • Analysis of basic lappings
  • Analysis of 1-bar, 2-bar and 3-bar patterns
  • Determination of machine and production parameters
  • Basic analysis of yarn materials


For information in Turkish please check the file on the right.