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4D-KNIT fabric

Machine: RDPJ 6/2 EL
Gauge: E 24
Article Number: 2019/61

The 4D-KNIT effect is created by the yarn used in the feeding bar. The more yarn added, the higher the raised effect. This results in excellent cushioning properties and freely adjustable fabric weight, depending on the end use of the fabric. Thanks to the jacquard bars a two-colour effect was created. The slightly stretchable and the soft hand feel of this voluminous fabric make it ideal for many applications in home textiles, clothing or even shoes.

4D-KNIT  2-way stretch


Yuji Yamamoto
Product Management NIPPON MAYER LTD.
27-33, Kamikitano 1-Chome 918-85-22 Fukui-City