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  • Efficient energy consumption through lightweight constructions
  • Passenger protection through the selective use of high-performance fibres (crash safety)
  • Corrosion resistance through high-performance fibres with suitable matrix systems

Building & Construction

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  • High-performance fibres prevent corrosion and increase the service life
  • A thinner concrete covering conserves resources and energy
  • More varied design possibilities since the materials are freely formable
  • Repair work can be carried out faster for a lower overall cost

Transport & Aerospace

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  • Efficient energy consumption through lightweight constructions
  • Corrosion prevention reduces maintenance costs
  • Thermal insulation and fire protection
  • Higher tear propagation resistance, tensile strength and higher temperature stability

Renewable Energy

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  •  Lightweight constructions improve efficiency and simplify transport in inaccessible areas
  • Reduced maintenance costs 
  • Possibility of designing optimised blade geometries

Sports Equipment

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  • Lightweight constructions improve the performance spectrum
  • Design freedom, increased customisation
  • Small- and large-scale production, thanks to flexible machines
  • Prestige associated with using carbon

Personal Protection

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  • Optimisation of the manufacturing processes through the production of multilayered, warp-knitted textiles
  • Increased tear propagation resistance and abrasion resistance through specific textile constructions
  • Combination of different materials in one production step
  • Improved comfort through the use of flexible, high-performance fibres


Your benefit – Our Solution

  • Maximum productivity through high fabric output, thanks to the
    wide working width
  • Broad spectrum of uses through
    high machine flexibility
  • Choice of different working widths,
    adapted to suit the subsequent
    processing stages

Medical Technology

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  • Precise handling of delicate fibres • Small-scale production, thanks to flexible machines
  • Design freedom for individual customisation
  • Efficient use of machines through special customer solutions (cut-tolength weft-insertion)


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  • Conservation of resources through increased service life of the end product
  • Processing of high-performance fibres and exploiting their maximum strength levels
  • Optimum processability, even in adverse conditions of use
  • Combination of several requirements by joining different textiles to grid structures

Apparel & Home textiles

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  • Maximum productivity through high fabric output, thanks to the wide working width
  • Production of the finest, warp knitted textile constructions from delicate fibre materials
  • Wide variety of patterns, thanks to the flexibility of the machine technology

Reinforcement & Coating Substrates

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  • Maximum productivity through high fabric output, thanks to the wide working width
  • Broad range of applications through modular machine technology
  • Wide variety of fabric constructions, due to the production of product-specific openings

Competence in technical textiles

The innovative market leader

Technical textiles are opening up new end uses; they are replacing conventional materials and are used as reinforcing materials in composites for a wide range of applications, including the mobility, energy, construction and leisure sectors. In the technical textiles sector, KARL MAYER has consolidated its expertise in machines for producing technical textiles, so that it can cater optimally for the current and future needs of its clients.

KARL MAYER can offer you added
value for every application:

With our innovative machine portfolio, we are the go-to partner for the
We are the drivers of technology and innovation in composites and
lightweight construction technology. New materials, such as fibre-reinforced
plastics containing carbon and glass, are a few of the important future technologies
for the automotive and aerospace industries. We are also making an
important contribution to future challenges like saving energy and resources.
There we can benefit from our many years of experience working with our
partners, for example in the wind turbine sector and in the increasingly important
construction industry. We also concentrate on efficient production in conventional applications, such as advertising banners and other coating substrates, as well as geotextiles, such as in road building.


Expansion of our customer support

In a rapidly evolving business world, continuous learning is of the utmost importance for professional success. With the start of 2024, we will offer fixed customer training dates on the latest weft-insertion and composite machines at the Chemnitz site.

--> Learn more about our training program for the WEFTTRONIC® II G 

Natural fibre composites

Sustainability and CO² reduction are increasingly demanded in the composite market. For specific applications, natural fibres can thus be an alternative to conventional materials, such as glass or carbon fibers. 

--> Explore more about the possibilities of natural fibre composites

Textiles in civil engineering

The civil engineering business undergoes a radical change, and is in search of innovative solutions with high efficiency and low resource consumption. You should also benefit from this rethinking!

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With the latest generation of TM WEFT machines, KARL MAYER offers a machine for the production of lightweight weft-insertion fabrics.

--> Explore more about our TM WEFT

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