Competence in Technical Textiles

Technical textiles conquer new fields of applications, replace conventional materials and take over the function as a reinforcing material in composite materials in a wide variety of applications in the areas of mobility, energy, construction and leisure. With our innovative machine portfolio, we are an important technology and innovation driver for composites and lightweight construction.

But we also ensure efficient production in classic applications such as advertising banners and other coating substrates or geotextiles for road construction.


Weft-insertion machines

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​Excellent technical properties

High tensile strength (up to 800kN/m) achievable​
No ondulation of the yarns

high flexibility of warp knitting technology

Possibility of substrate feeding​
High yarn spectrum 
Fibre strength up to 66000 dtex in weft

Less operational cost

Working width up to 270” ​
High productivity​
Less material cost


Machines for non-crimp fabrics

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Excellent technical properties

Fibre placement according to load path​
High resin compatibility​
Higher tensile strength and flexural properties in the finished laminate

​High flexibility of NCF

Multiple layer fabric in one production step and different angles​
Light and heavy weight fabrics possible​
Combination of different materials and substrates fabrics possible

Less operational cost

Less material for the same technical properties necessary​
High output
Cost savings due to fewer layers in final fabrics



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