Highest productivity with lowest production costs at the same time

With the latest generation of TM WEFT machines, KARL MAYER offers a machine for the production of lightweight weft-insertion fabrics. The TM WEFT offers our customers a cost-effective and reliable machine base for the production of interlinings, embroidery grounds, womens outerwear and curtains with weft-insertion.

New functions and advantages of the TM WEFT

  • Increased output due to increased machine speed
  • up to 1,800 rpm possible
  • Improved thermal stability with optional carbon bars
  • Less stops and higher efficiency
  • Increased possibilities due to thirty weft yarns
  • Gentle weft-insertion with increased production speed
  • Recommend for textiles with lateral shrinkage
  • Improved fabric quality
  • Well known batching system
  • Higher load capacity for longer fabric rolls
  • Uniform yarn tension
  • Increased cost-performance ratio

TM WEFT – a Weft Insertion Machine by KARL MAYER



Kay Burkhardt
Application Technology KARL MAYER Technische Textilien GmbH
Mauersbergerstraße 2 09117 Chemnitz