Composite machines

Composite machines for multiaxial textiles

Our machines represent maximum production and quality requirements. They have been especially developed for processing glass, carbon, aramid and other technical yarns.

Our machines for producing biaxial textiles can be divided into machines with weft insertion in line with the stitches and weft insertion not in line with the stitches. In this case, we can supply the BIAXTRONIC® CO and the COP BIAX 2.

We can supply the flexible COP MAX 4 for producing multilayered, multiaxial structures having angles of +20° to -20°, which meets the most stringent requirements. As a high-performance basic machine for glass-fibre composites, we recommend the MAXTRONIC®.

We can supply the COP MAX 5 especially for processing carbon fibres. The key feature of this machine is that it can produce very lightweight textiles. In this case, the weft yarns can be fed-in using two different methods. With the offline version, dry, pre-spread UD fibre tapes are delivered. In the online version, the individual rovings are spread during delivery.

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