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Practical introduction to warp knitting (Part 2)

Course title pWKB

This course builds on the eLearning "Basics of warp knitting". It completes the basic knowledge with the practical component and offers the opportunity to delve further into warp knitting.

Target group

This course is for all those who have successfully completed the eLearning "Basics of Warp Knitting" (eWKB) and want to expand their knowledge in practical work on machines (machine operators, personnel from the field of machine maintenance, textile developers, sales, representation, managers, promotion of young talent for warp knitting).

Training requirements

Readiness for teamwork, good powers of comprehension as well as open-mindedness within a cross-cultural work group. Good knowledge of the selected language. This training is the second part of our basic introduction. Please finish our online training

Training duration

1 week

Trainings topics:

  1. Revision
    • Short repetition of the learnt contents of the eLearning “Introduction to warp knitting”
  2. Practical works on training machines
    • Set-up of analysed patterns on the machine
    • Exercises for the threading of yarns on the machine
    • Working with pattern chains and pattern discs
    • Machine operation and troubleshooting (fault finding)
  3. Textile calculations
    • Dealing with different yarn count systems 
    • Repetition of already known calculations
    • Calculation of warping length, sectional warp beams and guide bars
    • Calculation of the fabric weight with different yarn percentages