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Advanced-Training WEFTTRONIC® II G (TTA)

Course title pTTA

This training is for experienced knitters, who are interested in our WEFTTRONIC® II G.

Target group

Users with experience in warp knitting machines with weft insertion (technicians / specialists with production support, staff from the areas of machine maintenance).

Training requirements

Knowledge of warp knitting and working with warp knitting machines. Good knowledge of the chosen language. This course is held in English.

Training duration

1 week

Trainings topics:

  1. Machine knowledge
    • Presentation of KARL MAYER's machine portfolio and the relevant applications
    • Machine structure and technical features of the main machine parts of the WEFTTRONIC® II G
    • Handling concept of the machine
    • Presentation and working with the advanced functions 
  2. Binding theory + analyse
    • Typical patterns of the machine and the main applications
    • Introduction to the analysis of simple basic patterns
  3. Practical work on machines
    • Machine operation and error analysis
    • Yarn monitoring systems - function and settings
    • Knitting area - adjustments and change of the knitting elements
    • Threading exercises on the machine 
    • Working with pattern discs or with electronic guide bar system
    • Change of fabric roll and setting of the winder
    • Operator interface
  4. Technical calculation
    • Numbers of yarns / feeding elements, units and numbers of needles
    • Fabric design and calculation (grid strength kN/m, grid size)
  5. Maintenance and repair
    • Required maintance steps during production process
    • Relevant reparations


Kay Burkhardt
Application Technology KARL MAYER Technische Textilien GmbH
Mauersbergerstraße 2 09117 Chemnitz