LACE.EXPRESS: Exciting new ways of thinking outside the box in lace production

With its unique productivity, the OJ 59/1 B model in the LACE.EXPRESS series is setting new trends in the production of apparel lace

Today’s world is revolving quickly – around many different alternatives, but also around many promising, new opportunities. In the search for untapped potential, things have to be re-invented – with all the passion of explorers and the courage of pioneers.

This applies to clothing production especially. KARL MAYER’s OJ 59/1 B, which has recently been launched onto the market, shows what can be achieved in this sector, with its long history, when a traditional way of thinking is consistently challenged and unconventional approaches are followed. “We have applied completely new principles to the design, and implemented some extensive, fundamental, new developments,” explained Herbert Lohr, the Head of KARL MAYER’s Warp Knitting Business Unit.

This electronic lace raschel machine is based on a completely new series, known as the LACE.EXPRESS. With its extraordinary performance, this new machine series is aimed specifically at the high-volume market of stylish women’s outerwear. It is designed to complement the TEXTRONIC® Lace and the JACQUARDTRONIC® Lace machines, which will continue to focus on lingerie goods and functional warp knits.

The LACE.EXPRESS not only delivers an exceptional performance profile, it also has a new look, since the modern design of the OJ 59/1 B has been completely revised. “With its stylish looks, this machine has been launched as a high-end product,” says Herbert Lohr.

An unbeatable level of efficiency

The OJ 59/1 B offers exceptional efficiency when producing large volumes of standard, modern lace and is, therefore, setting the trend in the high-volume, versatile clothing business. The output of this new lace raschel machine may be up to 15% higher than similar machines on the market. Its high productivity and market-optimised price result in a unique cost:benefit ratio. This is based on a maximum speed of 900 min-1 at a working width of 210". And the machine also operates extremely quietly. Its high speed, together with its high operating reliability, results in a level of efficiency that clearly sets the OJ 59/1 B apart from other machines on the market.

Ergonomic – right down to the very last detail

In addition to its operating speed, the well-thought-out features of the machine design focus on ergonomic principles. For example, the Operator Interface can easily be swivelled into different positions for easier viewing, integrated LED lighting over the fabric take-off area provides a clear view, and the drives can be accessed easily. Other ergonomic features include a new creel design and a hinged stitch comb bar. The last feature is state-of-the-art for KARL MAYER, but is by no means “a given” on the market. The ease of operation and high operating reliability of the OJ 59/1 B enable it to operate with a minimum of intervention and personnel.

Popular patterns for outerwear

Together with the productivity, the patterning possibilities offered by the OJ 59/1 B are aimed at the outwear market. Lace featuring relief-like liners is in vogue here, and this is a speciality of the new lace raschel machine. By making some simple modifications, this machine can process extremely thick bourdon yarns. The necessary equipment can be ordered as an optional configuration when buying new machines, and retrofitting can be carried out very easily. The OJ 59/1 B can also produce multibar lace, depending on its particular specifications.

And the quality is just right. As a genuine KARL MAYER product, this new machine is the result of solid, high-precision machine engineering, and produces premium-quality fabrics for the benefit of the mass market.

An energy-conscious machine

The new OJ 59/1 B carries KARL MAYER’s LEO® Label, which means that it conserves energy. The LEO® system on this first LACE.EXPRESS machine can reduce energy consumption during operation by up to 40% compared to similar machines on the market. This impressive efficiency in energy usage is the result of some sophisticated design features. For example, the number of bearing positions has been reduced in the basic machine construction, additional tribological modifications have been made, and the energy consumption of the pneumatic technology has been improved. The developers at KARL MAYER have also implemented customised drives for the yarn guides. This zone, and the fabric take-off mechanism, were also fitted with a system in which several of the functions are carried out by actuator technology.

Customised technical specifications

In order to meet the requirements of the clothing market, the OJ 59/1 B is available in the gauges of E 18 and E 24. The working width is 210" The set of knitting elements includes two ground guide bars, a split jacquard bar and 56 pattern bars in seven shog rows. As an option, 16 or 32 pattern bars can be fitted with special guides for processing thick bourdon yarns. Other standard features also include a free-standing fabric batcher and a 2 x 21" beam frame for the jacquard bars.

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The new OJ 59/1 B

Stylish Athleisure outfit decorated with lace made on the new OJ 59/1 B

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