KARL MAYER’s successful lace machine series

  • LACE.EXPRESS are machines with the specialised specification, to reach operation excellence while fulfilling the well-known KARL MAYER quality.

  • LACE.EXPRESS machines are keeping the promise made by the name: Impressive level of productivity, reduced production cost, reduced energy consumption.

  • LACE.EXPRESS products are available targeting the outerwear and the intimate market.

  • LACE.EXPRESS machines are the state of the art in professional lace production equipment.


Higher Output

Much higher productivity than comparable machines with similar fabric appearance, Efficiency in operation with high fabric output.

Lower Production Cost

Less investment cost 

Save 40% Electrical Energy 

LACE.EXPRESS machines have been designed to save fundamentally electrical energy compared to former models.
The significant energy reduction is a result of radical reengineering of the basic machine design and efficient power train solutions in yarn feeding and fabric removal.

  • Movable Operator Interface


    See display when checking production at the knitting area
    Improve setting up process of string bars

  • Smart Tension Spring for pattern yarn

    Individual setup of yarn tension for every pattern guide
    Freedom to have different spring types in one unit

  • Engineered creel design

    Geometry of package holder have been optimized to fit for different types of pattern-yarn bobbins. Creel design is more resistant against naturally vibrations of the machine.

  • Integrated LED lighting

    Applying LED technology enables to optimize position of the light to see the fabric perfectly without creating shadows by the operator.


Popular patterns for the intimate market and for outerwear

Together with productivity, the patterning possibilities offered are aimed at the intimate and outwear market. For both markets, we offer a wide range of machine variants to our customers. In order to meet the requirements of both markets,  you can choose between 134" and 210" working width. The machines are available in the gauges of E 18 and E 24. 


LACE.EXPRESS targeting the intimate market

For being successful in intimate market KARL MAYER is offering a complete platform of OJ machines with the traditional working width of 134“ as B and F-version.

  Increase outputratio of your investment

  + 100% output for the same investment compared to former Model

  Flexible production planning

  Low-bar OJ patterns can be produced on high-bar OJ machines of the 134“ platform

  Ready for future

   Upgrade easily low-bar machines of this platform to higher-bar versions

OJ B & F Version - Overview 

OJ B & F version 134'' E24 and E18 OJ 91/1 OJ 85/1 OJ 65/1 OJ 59/1 OJ 42/1
Ground guide bar shog line 1
Ground guide bar shog line 2
2 Picot binding bars
4 Picot binding bars
4 pattern beams for picot binding
Coarse yarn kit - - - - -
Ground guide bar elastic in last
shog line
Upgrade kit to OJ 59/1 (after sales) - - - -
Upgrade kit to OJ 65/1 (after sales) - - -
Upgrade kit to OJ 85/1 (after sales) - -
Upgrade kit to OJ 91/1 (after sales) -

LACE.EXPRESS targeting the Outerwear market

Since 2016 LACE.EXPRESS machines with the working width 210” support our customers for being successful in their competitive markets.

OJ B - version 210'' E24 and E18 OJ 83/1 B OJ 59/1 B
Ground guide bar shog line 1
Ground guide bar shog line 2 -
2 Picot binding bars -
4 Picot binding bars -
4 pattern beams for picot binding -
Coarse yarn kit
Ground guide bar elastic in last shog line



Since the machine was introduced, the well-known lace company Tongde has shown confidence in the machine and has steadily placed orders for a total of 20 machines. Check the link to read the full customer story >> Read more



Watch our LACE.EXPRESS video 



Sascha Müller
Head of Lace and Raschel machinery KARL MAYER STOLL R&D GmbH
Industriestrasse 1 63179 Obertshausen