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  • 11/07/2024

    From newcomer to bestseller

    Successful sale of the new MAX GLASS ECO composite machine from KARL MAYER

  • 02/07/2024

    New Power net production machine sets standards in terms of price-performance ratio

    The new RE 4-1 Elastomeric Raschel machine from KARL MAYER for greater competitiveness in the commodity market

  • 01/07/2024

    Rethinking the topic of economy in glass composites

    What the new MAX GLASS ECO from KARL MAYER Technische Textilien can do better, an interview with Sales Manager Hagen Lotzmann

  • 18/06/2024

    New cost-benefit champion in glass processing

    KARL MAYER Technische Textilien launches the new MAX GLASS ECO, a highly economical composite machine with a focus on standard non-crimp fabrics made of glass fibers

  • 11/06/2024

    Clever energy-saving solution at no extra cost

    With CASCADE, warp preparation saves money and CO2 emissions. Karl-Heinz Vaassen from KARL MAYER explains how this works

  • 07/06/2024

    Steam ahead to save energy!

    CASCADE - a KARL MAYER GROUP solution for verifiable inline energy recycling on sizing machines and dyeing systems

  • 23/05/2024

    Transparency for energy efficiency

    Markus Bahde explains the Energy Efficiency Solution of the KARL MAYER GROUP and what it can do

  • 22/05/2024

    More efficiency and sustainability for warp preparation

    Inline energy recycling during drying, BLUEDYE for environmentally friendly indigo dyeing and innovations for less downtime - the KARL MAYER Warp Preparation for ITM 2024

  • 16/05/2024

    Rethinking civil engineering business with warp-knitted fabrics with weft insertion and non-crimp fabrics

    KARL MAYER Technische Textilien at ITM 2024 in Istanbul

  • 16/05/2024

    New business momentum for the Turkish warp knitting industry

    A highly flexible, efficient tricot machine and textile innovations with market potential - the KARL MAYER exhibition at ITM 2024



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