New Power net production machine sets standards in terms of price-performance ratio

The new RE 4-1 Elastomeric Raschel machine from KARL MAYER for greater competitiveness in the commodity market

KARL MAYER launches its RE 4-1, a new Raschel machine for the extremely efficient production of highly elastic textiles. With this newcomer, the global player is expanding its successful Elastomeric series and supplementing the established RE 4-1 as part of its two-product line strategy. With an excellent price-performance ratio, the machine fulfils the requirements of the volume business in particular. It is also in no way inferior to its counterpart for the premium sector in terms of speed and quality.

"The RE 4-1 is particularly interesting for our customers in price-sensitive markets such as China and Türkiye. It offers highly efficient production of standard Power net articles at an extremely competitive price," explains Sascha Müller, Product Owner Global Lace & Raschel at KARL MAYER.

A 170″ version of the machine has already been on sale in China for several months. The pre-release got off to an extremely successful start. Encouraged by the feedback from the market, KARL MAYER has developed an RE 4-1 with a working width of 190″ and will be offering both models to its global customers from middle of July 2024.


Technical equipment: perfect for basic Power net

The RE 4-1 can be ordered with E 28 and E 32 gauges. The 170" version is also available with E 36. The standard equipment includes KAMCOS® 2, batching device 18 E, Carbon fibre technology and N-pattern drive for controlling the guide bars: stitch-forming GB 1 to GB 3 and inlayGB 4. There are also optional features, including sensors for measuring the yarn tension, laser stop, batching device 34 A, LED lighting and an installation kit.

Product portfolio: everything for the lingerie volume market

With its technical configuration, the RE4-1 is optimised for the production of elastic and non-elastic standard fabrics, especially for the underwear sector. One of the top products of the Raschel machine with its high productivity and short amortisation time is elastic Power net. This open-meshed, airy fabric has become an indispensable part of the lingerie and clothing sector. It is often used in the wings of bras as well as for inserts in sports leggings, shirts, jackets and swimwear, where it provides delicate control and comfort. Power net can also be found in semi-technical applications, for example as outer and inner pockets for rucksacks and clothing.

In addition to Power net, Raschel Locknit, Sleek net and Satin net are also part of the production repertoire of RE 4-1. The fabrics with a decreasing density from Raschel Locknit to Satin net also play a role in underwear and clothing production. For their production, filament yarn is threaded in the front two guide bars and elastane in the back ones.

Launch according to plan

The new Elastomeric machine was presented to a number of exclusive customers, particularly from Türkiye, at ITM 2024 in Istanbul and was very well received. There were numerous discussions during the exhibition, some of which were in-depth and advanced. The exchange at the ITM showed that KARL MAYER is on the right track with the RE 4-1.

A RE 4-1 has been available for performance demonstrations in the KARL MAYER (CHINA) showroom in Changzhou since June of this year. You can register informally for an appointment for viewing the machine by sending an e-mail to Xia Peng at The Product Owner Local Lace &Raschel at KARL MAYER is looking forward to welcoming his guests and to many interesting conversations.

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