Highly elastic warp knitted power jersey

Due to an elaborated lapping construction it is possible to produce jersey fabrics on warp knitting machines.


Features of warp knitted jersey fabrics:

  • smooth, soft feeling on the skin
  • high elasticity
  • very good recovery
  • straight edges on free cut articles

Your advantages with warp knitted jersey fabrics

4-Way-Stretch with good recovery
Due to a special lapping construction the fabric receives a very high elongation of up to 245% and has a good recovery.

Free cut with straight edges
Due to the special meshing of the elastane threads, the fabric convinces with cut-resistant edges.

Soft touch
The high gauge in combination with the special lapping gives the fabric a soft and smooth surface with a flowing fall, such as that of circular knitted fabric.

HKS 2-SE PLUS - Your best choice if you are moving in a commodity segment of elastic articles

The HKS 2-SE PLUS is based on the machine concept of the HKS 2-SE. The machine has a modified knitting movement which enables the Koeper stitch lapping in addition to the charmeuse and double tricot lapping. The two needle overlap is implemented by the GB 2 ground bar, which uses elastane. The result are articles with a higher elastic modulus. Swimwear, sportswear and shapewear with high stretch performance are just as much part of the HKS 2-SE PLUS products as fine lingerie qualities.

HKS 2-S - The specialist of warp knitted jersey fabrics

Knitting technology is the most versatile technology for textile surface production. Due to a high variation in machine fineness, yarns and patterning possibilities, a multitude of different textiles with special qualities can be produced. The knitting process basically works withouth water or chemicals and is therefore a very environmentally friendly technology.

Your benefits

High productivity
The HKS 2-S is particularly characterised by its high efficiency. One high-performance tricot machine can replace up to 2.5 circular knitting machines.

Low running costs
Needle replacement cycles are approximately 6 times longer compared to circular knitting machines. The costs for one set are 50% less. The running costs compared to cirular knitting machines are therefore highly reduced.








Melanie Bergmann
Product Manager KARL MAYER STOLL R&D GmbH
Industriestrasse 1 63179 Obertshausen