Bringing progress to our customers with our new HKS 3-M-ON

No disc, more speed - the first three-bar HKS model with electronic guide bar control allows for immediate pattern changes without any mechanical modification and no delay in production.

Thanks to the innovative ON gear, you can easily choose your patterns by connecting your HKS 3-M-ON through k.ey. Instead of waiting for new pattern disks, it is only necessary to select and exchange data. Simply download the required information from a secured cloud to the machine, and you can immediately start to work new articles. In times of rapidly changing market requirements, it is an asset to be able to react quickly on such demands and be able to access to new patterns.

HKS 3-M-ON offers the same performance in terms of speed and design variety as the current version of HKS 3-M with state of the art technology. By using a new main drive system, KARL MAYER minimize your maintenance costs by reducing wear and tear parts.

HKS 3-M-ON can produce a wide range of applications due to its various working width and gauges. It is a perfect combination of efficiency and precision.


Machine Characteristics


Your Benefits


No disc, more speed - HKS 3-M-ON is the fastest Tricot machine with electronic guide bar control.

Higher productivity and quick reaction to market demands – prepare your business for the challenges in the modern business environment.

Immediate pattern change by defining customized articles that can be run on the machine without mechanical changes.


Minimize your maintenance costs - reducing wear and tear parts by using less belts for the electronic pattern drive and no more main drive belt (now direct main drive system).
Less costs compared to pattern discs. Less costs for patterns compared to pattern discs – an NO import costs.


Immediate pattern change for less stoppage time through k.ey.  Easy handling - no more mechanical changes required. Predefine your articles and load it directly on the machine, no tempi change necessary.


Compared to the HKS 3-M, noise emission is reduced from 94 dB to 92 dB at a speed of 2.800 rpm.

Connect through k.ey

Connect your HKS 3-M-ON to our secured cloud for more innovative KM.ON services to enhance your business and production.

State-of-the-art Technology

HKS 3-M-ON offers the same performance in terms of speed and design variety as the current version of HKS 3-M, but with a more efficient production and improved reaction time. Risk of wrong installation of pattern disc is eliminated (wrong guidebar or position).

ADvantages of the direct main drive system

1. Reduced number of wear and tear parts
Compared to a main drive system with belt, the direct drive system is using only one encoder (not two), no more tension rollers and no main belt anymore.

2. More energy efficient
Synchronous motors are in general more energy efficient than asynchronous motors. The lower thermal energy results also in lower costs in air-conditioning.

3. Improved Inching motion
The direct control of the main shaft results in a improved inching motion for a more precise positioning.


Learn how to easily connect to cloud and download new patterns on your HKS 3-M-ON




Kay Hilbert
Vice President Tricot Machinery KARL MAYER R&D GmbH
Bruehlstrasse 25 63179 Obertshausen