Master the challenges in the market with our latest HKS 3-M ON generation


Bringing progress to our customers

High machine performance combined with newest technologies to improve useability and competitiveness of our customers

Features & Technologies 


  • Energy Data Ready
  • Reproducible sinker positioning 
  • Integrated camera system with transmitted light set-up
  • Lights for fabric check after take-up
  • Improved warp beam frame structure
  • Flexible patterning possibilities 

Machine Highlights

In addition to our renowned ON-technology, the HKS 3-M ON also offers the following advantages:

  • State-of-the-Art Technology

    The ON-drive pattern system with unlimited repeats, energy efficient direct drive solution, and user-friendly spring motion assistant – all these innovative features increase the efficiency of your production

  • Optimized Costs & Improved Sustainability

    Minimized maintenance costs and reduced energy consumption through direct drive system. Less costs for patterns compared to pattern discs 

  • Spring Motion Assistant

    Quick, easy and safe change of guide bars without tools. At the push of a button the spring motion wire tension is released, and it can be removed with a simple tool such as a screwdriver


  • Efficient Production

    Prepare your business for the challenges in the modern business environment – immediate pattern change and higher productivity for a fast reaction to market demands. Maximize the effectivity of your factory space
  • Digital KARL MAYER World

    Enjoy our digital offers to connect your machines for greater flexibility and competitivity 

  • Improved Machine Design

    Optimised machine design for user-friendly handling. Working platform infront of the machine for easy handling of larger fabric rolls. Easy and safe access to warp beam clamping positions through moveable ladders


Master the challenges of the market with our HKS 3-M ON  


  • Reducing the TCO ​
  • Energy efficiency​
  • Optimize maintenance costs​
  • Maximized factory utilization​


  • Reducing our carbon footprint with cloud-based solutions 
  • Expanding our machines capabilities towards biodegradable and other sustainable yarns​
  • Simplifying and automating processes to reduce expertise on the shop floor​


  • Flexible patterning models for all customer’s needs​
  • Pushing the boundaries of machine production with new technologies​
  • Faster and easier availability of patterns and articles 

Purchase Articles Online         

You can now download pattern data files via our webshop into your k. innovation software. 



KARL MAYER is offering a wide range of working width for the HKS 3-M ON machines with various functions and possibilities. Please use the table below to find the suitable product for your future success.

Machine specification HKS 3-M ON
Working width 130“ + 4" 180“ + 6“ 210" + 8" 280" + (10"/20")
Gauge E 28, E 32 E 28, E 32 E 28, E 32 E 28, E 32
Warp beam support 3x32" (Standard)
3x40" (Optional)
1x40", 2x32" (Upon request)
KAMCOS®  2 Multispeed (Optional) X

Patterning Possibilities

Enjoy the flexibility in creating patterns with our latest pattern software k.innovation CORE lite! To find out more, please click here.