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Pattern Software

We offer flexible and convenient pattern softwares, to provide our customers with endless patterning possibilities.

Core Lite 

Join the KARL MAYER Cloud Ecosystem! 

Core lite is a browser-based chainlink editor from KARL MAYER, located in the cloud and accessible from your device of choice and all KAMCOS 2 Connect machines with cloud-based pattern management.

Core lite at a glance

  • Integrate your existing patterns into the KARL MAYER cloud - .kmo and mc files are accepted
  • Create new patterns with ANY repeat length
  • Share your patterns to all your machines or restrict to specific machines
  • Access the same patterns from your tablet (we recommend 12"+ display), laptop, desktop computer and your KAMCOS 2 machine
  • Complete technical drawings of your patterns
  • Export of .kmo files for use on your KAMCOS 1 machine

How it works

Edit your patterns anywhere, anytime

  • CREATE your patterns 
  • EDIT your existing patterns 
  • SEND the patterns to the secure KM.ON Cloud
  • PRODUCE your fabric

All KAMCOS 2 connect machines will have access to the patterns


Explore further pattern software possibilities such as k.innovation CORE or k.innovation STYLE by KM.ON