Sustainable Production of Terry fabrics. See below how you can save up to 30% of cost with the production of warp knitted terry instead of woven and at the same time contribute in preserving the planet for our children.

KARL MAYER offers a complete range of machines for the production of warp knitted terry fabrics:

  • Warp knitted machines with online brushing
  • Warping machines for filament yarns
  • Warping machines for staple fiber yarns

Warp-knitted terry fabrics – ecological advantages for production

Warp-knitted terry fabrics score points, not only with regard to their variety, but also in relation to their ecological benefits.


This terry warp knitting machines operates at an impressive level of efficiency – at a width of 186" and a speed 800 min−1, the TM 4-TS EL has a daily production rate of about 1,800 kg of terry fabrics at a weight of 400 g/m2, 250% more than on an air-jet loom.

Lower energy consumption

The TM 4 TS-EL consumes roughly 87% less energy per kilogramme of produced fabric than air-jet looms, which require a large amount of energy to produce the compressed air.

No sizing needed

The production of warp-knitted terry fabrics requires no sizing process. This saves on textile chemicals, effluent and energy to the value of roughly 0.20 US dollars/kg. This corresponds to a share of roughly 30% of the production costs (without the yarn) when producing the raw fabric.

improved stability

Due to a firm anchoring of the terry loops into the knitted construction the towels and bathrobes are snag-proof.

longer service life

Snag-proof towels have a longer service life than woven textiles. The ecological advantages of this include less waste, longer replacement cycles and a lower consumption of resources.



TM 4 TS-EL – The high-speed terry warp knitting machine