Sustainable Denim

Saving water and chemicals

Environmental protection and sustainability are an important topic. With our new developed technology for indigo dyeing you can save water and up to 50% of chemicals.



Environmental friendly advantages

Chemical and yarn waste reduction

More than 50% saving in the consumption of chemicals to keep the dyeing bath stable. Reduction of the yarn waste thanks to the short yarn pass.

Water saving

The higher fixation of the indigo on the fibre allows a drastically reduced consumption of water in the washing phase.

GREENDYE - Indigo dyeing in nitrogen atmosphere

Newly developed technology for indigo dyeing

  • With GREENDYE, KARL MAYER presents a newly developed technology for an indigo dyeing process in nitrogen atmosphere, which ensures an optimum setting of the dye in terms of solidity and brilliant tone, at the same time requiring less dye bath volume, chemicals and water.

    The dyeing process ensures highest efficiency. After an indigo dipping, the impregnated warp with reduced indigo goes into nitrogen chamber where oxidation is not achieved due to total absence of oxygen. The colorant have a possibility to improve its penetration and made a bond with cotton fiber.

Advantages of nitrogen system

High dyeing efficiency

The high concentration in the dyeing bath and the nitrogen atmosphere increase the migration and the diffusion of indigo into the fibre.

The nitrogen technology increases up to 3 times the pick-up of a conventional dye vat.

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