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Warp Knit Basic Course and basics of maintenance

Course title Warp Knit Basic Course

The basic warp knitting course is tailored to the current requirements of newcomers to warp knitting and provides basic information on warp knitting technology and the maintenance of a warp knitting machine. It can be booked at our location in Surat and as a training at the customer's place

Target group

newcomers to warp knitting

Training requirements

no requirements

Training duration

4 days

Trainings topics:

  1. Introduction of various techniques (combine fibers & yarns into Fabrics…)
  2. What is warp knitting?
  3. Possible transmission ratios on warp knitting machines
  4. Basic lapping’s (theoretical & practical)
  5. 3D – Simulations of basic lapping’s
  6. Fabric analysis
  7. Customer site visit
  8. Knitting Calculations
  9. Basic maintenance importance
  10. Environmental requirements
  11. Periodic maintenance
  12. Preventive maintenance
  13. Zero-hour maintenance
  14. Usage of Original parts
  15. Customer site visit
  16. Test & Certification


Rajbir Singh
Trainer KARL MAYER Academy India
Surat, Gujarat - India


Vishal Bhalla
Manager Academy KARL MAYER Academy India
Surat, Gujarat - India