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Training on machines for weaving preparation

On-site training for machines in the weaving mill

Dive into the fascinating world of warping, beaming and sizing machines for weaving preparation, and discover the unlimited potential that they have to offer for your production. The KARL MAYER Academy stands for excellent training that enables you and your team to harness the full potential of your machines.

Why on site?

Our philosophy is to accompany our customers on their journey to success and support them through every phase. That is why we have decided to exclusively offer our training courses on site at the customer premises. This means that we send one of our experienced experts directly to you and your machines. Whatever the machine type – we adapt our training to your individual requirements.

How you benefit:

1. Tailored training

Our on-site training offers you and your team a tailored learning experience. By focusing on your machines and production processes, we guarantee that you can seamlessly implement what you have learned in your company.

2. Practical experience

Our experts have in-depth knowledge and many years of experience in the weaving industry. They know the machines inside out and are able to offer practical solutions to specific challenges in your production.

3. Maximum machine performance

With our specialist knowledge, we help you to optimise the performance of your machines. This leads to increased productivity and efficiency across your entire production.

4. Failure prevention and maintenance

Let our experts teach you how to identify and solve potential problems, minimise failures, and keep your machines in tip-top condition.

5. Flexible training times

We adapt to your schedule. Our team will adapt the training dates to your operational requirements to keep your production running smoothly.

Contact us today!

Let us help you elevate your production to a new level. Contact our dedicated team to receive further information about our on-site training. We look forward to answering your questions and scheduling a tailored training course. Discover the full potential of your machine for weaving preparation with the KARL MAYER Academy by your side!


Martin Fuhr
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