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Advanced course for warp knitting machines (WKS)

Course title Course title: WKS

course for warp knitting machines

Target group

Users with experience in warp knitting (textile machine operator, head of knitting mill, staff belonging to the management, service, as well as pattern drafting and pattern preparation)

Training requirements

Karl Mayer WKB Certificate and/or comparable knowledge. Readiness for team work and open-mindedness within a cross-cultural work group.

Training duration


Trainings topics:

  1. General information on machines, fabric and maintenance
    • Presentation of machines based on the HKS3-M
    • The general products from HKS/TM/RSE serials
    • Fabric selvedge solutions
    • General fabric defaults and their solution
    • Introduction to the  functions and operation of the Karl Mayer KAMCOS® system with KAMCOS®Explorer and Teleservice
    • Machine lubrication plan
  2. Practical works on training machines HKS3-M
    • Disassembly/assembly/replace of the knitting elements: Needle, tongue, sinker, guide unit
    • Adjustment of the machine: Gap between tongue and needle, knockover gauge, sinker stroke, guide bar, shog movement
    • Periodical check of oil pressure lubrication system, e.g. replaced the filter element
    • Set-up the pattern with Multi-speed functions
    • Tempi changing
    • Machine operation, quality control and trouble shooting (fault finding)