Crank Box

Explore the heart of the machine

Crank Box

The crank box stands for stability and a product success

Since the founding of KARL MAYER, non-uniform gears have been used for the knitting machines. Today, the crankcase is the actual heart of a warp knitting machine.

In it, the necessary warp knitting movement is generated by non-uniform gears and transmitted to the active levers of the individual warp knitting elements via linkages. Different non-uniform gears are used here.

Our current crank box principle has been reinforced for 30 years, with the fastest machine running speed of 4.400 stitch rows per minute. Especially within Tricot machines in the last years, our crank boxes have enabled the highest performance. In combination with the other machine parts, the crank box assures the most stable productivity and quality of the fabric. 




Benefits of our crank box principle: 

  • High Performance 

    Our crank box principle is tailored to the warp knitting process 

  • Compact Design 

    Constructed and designed as one compact part, for convenient and easy handling 

  • Price Performance 

    Good price performance ratio due to compact design, high performance and long service life 


  • Long Service Life 

    Low wear and tear, recyclable and sustainable 
  • Reduced Maintenance 

    Easy maintenance due to lower wear and tear, and compact design. Planned service operations to reduce machine down-times and increase productivity

  • High Quality

    All components of the crank box are checked for quality prior to assembly, to maximize security for your productivity 


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