Double needle bar raschel machines

Nets and sacks

Modern machine technology for producing nets and packaging sacks

This machine technology is specially developed for producing packaging sacks, tubes and shadow nets. This fully integrated system enables ready-to-use, high-quality products to be manufactured non-stop from film at maximum efficiency.

Characteristically is the machine’s level of flexibility. As the most important element, the double-bar raschel machine is equipped with an EL pattern drive, which enables variable sack lengths and lappings to be worked. It does not use pattern chains or discs and enables the pattern to be changed easily. The repeat lengths can also be changed easily to adjust the size of the sacks. The RDS 11 EL has also been equipped with the tried-and-tested KAMCOS®-system, so that its extensive potential can be easily exploited.

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  • RDS 11 EL
    RDS 11 EL

    RDS 11 EL Double-bar raschel machine designed for producing packing sacks and tubes as well as simple shade nets



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