Machine Data Interface

Integrate your shopfloor

Machine Data Interface

An innovative solution to access machine data

Integrate your machine data with your existing ERP or MES System with API

API stands for Application Programming Interface and enables an integration with ERP, MES, CMS,BI- or warehouse management systems. The interface supports automation, digitalisation and intellectualisation. With API, a connection between the shopfloor and the business is established. It allows you to:

  • Follow the industry trend of cloud-based products
  • Access machine data without knowing the details of machines
  • Enable further use/businesses cases via a Cloud API
  • Integrate with other cloud services 


API provides you with:

  • Highest security standards to protect data in the cloud 
  • Safe infrastructure/ maintenance costs by adopting cloud solutions 

How to get ready for the future 


1. Connectivity package as a basis 

2. Connect your machines 

3. Subscribe to API 

4. Begin to use your API by connecting to https://


API - Cloud Security

What makes our cloud-based solutions secure? 

  • End-to-end encryption for data in traffic

    Secures data against cyber threats

  • Authentication and authorization for all data requests

    Prevents unauthorized access to data by third parties and ensures that only granted users can access dedicated data 

  • Data storage in secured private networks

    Protects data to be accessed from the outside 


  • Reliable data persistence and recovery processes 

    Prevents data loss in case of hardware or software failure 
  • Ensuring high availability by using horizontal scalability and redundancy 

    Prevents service downtime during high load situations

  • Data services protected by firewalls behind loadbalancers 

    Secures the system operation against cyber attacks  


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