WEBSHOP SPARE PARTS now offers even more advantages

KARL MAYER is extending the functions and content of its online platform for supplying spare parts

Buying goods on the World Wide Web is quick and easy, and is being used more and more in the industrial B2B sector. KARL MAYER can, therefore, offer its customers the WEBSHOP SPARE PARTS.

This online platform for the quick and easy ordering of spare parts was launched onto the market at ITMA 2015, and has been getting excellent feedback ever since. “Every day, we receive orders and enquires via our online platform. It is being used more and more,” says KARL MAYER’s Marion Högg, who is delighted with the success of this new service module. It is a clear sign that customers are using the WEBSHOP SPARE PARTS more and more. According to Marion Högg, the reason for this high level of acceptance is that it is easy to use and the availability is completely transparent: anything listed is also ready for dispatch. From the middle of October 2016, the range of products available to order has been extended to include pattern discs and chains. Another new feature of the WEBSHOP SPARE PARTS is that it gives users various rights of use. On the basis of a defined authorisation key, specific authorisation is given to read, store and order articles, so that the customers can retain their internal buying procedures and manage them optimally.

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As well as extending the functions, progress has also been made with expanding the customer base. At ITMA ASIA + CITME 2016, the green light was given for the WEBSHOP SPARE PARTS to go into operation in China.

Quick and easy ordering of pattern discs and chains

The possibility of ordering pattern discs and chains online saves time above all else. “We have looked at the subject of pattern discs as a whole and studied the entire process,” explained Axel Wintermeyer, who is in charge of spares. During the course of this analysis, the ordering process, and especially checking the lapping, proved to be the most time-consuming factors. To remedy this situation, specialists in software and applications developed algorithms for automatically checking the input data and lappings. Simple menu navigation completes the new webshop functions and makes ordering pattern discs and chains as easy as child’s play. To start the ordering process, it is simply a question of using the stored machine list or inputting the machine number. The technical configuration, such as the amount of motions and the gauge, is inserted, the bars for the pattern disc are selected, the repeat length is specified, and finally the lapping is inserted, and just a few seconds later, the right control device is added to the basket. The lapping check stored in the process is done very quickly and accurately. If there are any incompatibilities with the machine or any difficulties with technical feasibility, the enquiry basket can be used. This enables the customer to order pattern discs and chains easily at any time of the day, without the risk of making any errors, and also allows them to react even better to rapidly changing fashion trends.

Going live in China

From the end of this year, it will also be possible to use the WEBSHOP SPARE PARTS, which contains roughly 300 stored, current spare parts, in China as well. KARL MAYER’s Chinese customers were able to try out the possibilities offered by this online ordering platform at ITMA ASIA + CITME 2016 in Shanghai and proved to be extremely interested in this service. “This new buying tool was very well received by the trade visitors,” explained Axel Wintermeyer. They were clearly impressed by the functions it had to offer, as well as by the handling procedures. “Our customers checked out the WEBSHOP SPARE PARTS platform thoroughly on our stand, and were particularly impressed by its customised applications.” The filter function, displaying of the customer’s own machine data, managing documents for making enquires and placing orders, and the retrievable online catalogue were seen as being real added-value features, which clearly set the KARL MAYER SPARE PARTS WEBSHOP apart from other online webshops. This buying platform can also be accessed using mobile devices – a clear advantage for those clients who prefer to use mobile phones and tablets. When looking back at his company’s presentation at ITMA ASIA + CITME 2016, Axel Wintermeyer concluded that the smart performance of the KARL MAYER WEBSHOP SPARE PARTS was clearly setting the trend. He is expecting to receive many user registrations from China - since online shopping is a way of life there.

In view of this success, Axel Wintermeyer and his team are already considering future developments. There are plans to integrate KARL MAYER’s Technical Textiles Business Unit into the KARL MAYER WEBSHOP SPARE PARTS next year.

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Presenting the KARL MAYER WEBSHOP SPARE PARTS as a component part of the company’s 360° technical support service at ITMA ASIA + CITME 2016

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