The TMJ 4/1-T - a terry warp knitting machine with a jacquard bar, is bringing a touch of pizzazz to towels

Its terry business continues to be a focus of innovation at KARL MAYER. Following the revamp of the TM 4 TS terry warp knitting machine for processing staple-fibre yarns and its technical upgrade, together with various new textile developments, this company is now launching a new machine, which can produce an even greater range of patterns. The designation of the new TMJ 4/1-T alone shows that it is something quite unique. This terry warp knitting machine for processing filament yarns is the first of its kind with a jacquard bar included in the set of knitting elements, so that even lettering can be worked into towels, bathrobes and facecloths.

Lettering, logos and more

The jacquard bar on the TMJ 4/1-T enables new designs to be produced that have not been possible until now. Logos, lettering and floral effects can be worked, as well as geometric patterns and sweeping, decorative effects. Despite their fluffy surface structure, the pattern elements are extremely clear. They are worked and placed much more easily and flexibly than on the standard machine on one side of the fabric. The design is worked exclusively by the jacquard bar, whilst the ground lappings and main machine settings remain constant. The simple design of the knitting element produces loop-free, smooth areas on an otherwise three-dimensional fabric construction. The associated brushing unit produces a perfect, voluminous, fluffy surface. As the fabric passes this unit, the loops, which were formed by GB 1, are made more prominent and the underlaps on the other side of the fabric are raised up.


A tried-and-tested basic concept

The technology of the TMJ 4/1-T is based on the standard machine, the TM 4-T, and thus delivers the same high level of performance. For example, this new tricot machine operates at a maximum speed of 1,200 min-1. It is very easy to operate and produces high-quality products. During the course of the modification work, the jacquard bar has taken on the position of ground guide bar GB 4 on the original version to increase the range of patterns that can be worked. Certain new features have also been incorporated. For example, the control box with the oil cooling system forms a compact unit, which takes up less space, and the colour and warp beam frame meet the new corporate design specifications of the company group.

An affordable patterning system developed by EAT is available for carrying out patterning efficiently. It has been adapted to suit the specific requirements of the TMJ 4/1-T

The TMJ 4/1-T, with its design-driven configuration, is definitely arousing interest. Delivery of the first machines has already been arranged, and is scheduled for October 2017.

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Examples of patterns produced on the TMJ 4/1-T

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