Successful STOLL Days in the new TexLab at KARL MAYER North America, June 07-10, 2022 in Greensboro, NC

STOLL, a Business Unit of the KARL MAYER Group since 2020, is delighted with the success of its first STOLL Days. The event was held at KARL MAYER North America's new TexLab in Greensboro, NC from June 7 to 10, 2022, and had over 100 visitors. Most of the guests came from the USA and Canada. Many of them stayed for two days, to participate in an extensive event program. Highlights included various machines in action - including models shown for the first time. And seminars and workshops to introduce new textile product designs, new design software, and innovations from various external partners that were included in the program. Also, STOLL showed its latest fashion trend collection "Wonderful" and innovative flat knitted products for other industries.

The STOLL machines on display impressed with their performance. Technology is constantly evolving, explained the representative of a well-known brand who has been working with STOLL machines for 35 years. "What these can do is endless. It's like painting - you can just create new things with a new yarn, a new color or a new concept," he said. "It's inspiring to be here and see all the things that can be knitted with these incredible STOLL machines," affirms Textile Design Manager Regan Marriner of Hemp Black. This Greensboro-based textile manufacturer is committed to social responsibility and environmental protection and operates more than a dozen STOLL machines.
Seeing what STOLL has to offer and getting to know the new TexLab was just one of the guests' intentions in coming to Greensboro. Many visitors also attended the seminars, for example Carrie Yates, Director of Product Development at Cotton Incorporated, who learnt with several colleagues more about STOLL's latest design software. "The seminars had good feedback, and attendees enjoyed meeting our partner exhibitors and seeing how the combination of machine, yarn, and know-how results in new textile products," says Matthew Llewellyn, Sales Director Stoll at KARL MAYER North America.
Networking was also important. There was a variety of partners for this. Representatives from universities and companies of various sizes and industries were present and available for discussions – from large sportswear and shoe brands to consumer electronics and automotive manufacturers, to start-ups and small boutique companies. STOLL exchanged ideas with new companies who wanted to see the machines before making a final decision. Existing customers inquired about new developments. 
With the STOLL Days, STOLL as a business unit of the KARL MAYER Group has shown its importance and focus on strong growth of the flat knitting industry in North America. With this event, STOLL has shown its willingness to cooperate with other players such as yarn manufacturers, research institutes and digitalization consultants to create an open platform for the world of flat knitting. In addition, STOLL has once again presented itself as a strong partner. "The event was a signal to our customers that STOLL is here to support them, whether in sales, service or training in the new TexLab," said Matthew Llewellyn.
Most of the visitors expressed the hope that the STOLL Days will be repeated at least once a year.

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The STOLL team is delighted with their successful STOLL Days

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