Successful start in China

The first TM WEFT impresses Hebei Chunfeng Interlining Co., Ltd.

In January 2019, KARL MAYER Technische Textilien launched its new TM WEFT onto the market and, by the following April, the first model went into operation in practice. This highly productive warp knitting machine with magazine weft insertion was delivered to Hebei Chunfeng Interlining Co., Ltd., and was soon setting new production standards in this company. Just one month later, KARL MAYER Technische Textilien received a follow- up order, with delivery scheduled to begin in June. This manufacturer is particularly impressed by this two-bar warp knitting machine with weft insertion, mainly because of the types of product it can produce. “Compared to conventional interlining products, warp-knitted fabrics are denser, thicker and softer and, therefore, more competitive. With their profile of characteristics, they can fully meet global demand in the sector and are bridging a gap in China’s highend segment,” says Mr. Yang, the Managing Director of Chunfeng Interlining Co., Ltd. This new type of warp-knitted interlining should make full use of the advantages of the high-quality yarns used to produce them. They feature a finely structured look and exhibit an impressive behaviour in terms of fibre abrasion and deformation. In addition, the elasticity is excellent. Other manufacturers, especially in China, have recognised the advantages of the product design, as well as the exceptional cost:benefit ratio of the TM WEFT. In June, KARL MAYER Technische Textilien took more orders from companies in the region around Nantong, the centre of interlining production in China.


A specialist on the interlining market

Hebei Chunfeng Interlining Co., Ltd. was set up in 1986. It covers an area of 20,000 m², has total assets of 60 million RMB, and is based in the Boye district in Hebei Province, just 170 km away from Beijing. 120 employees, 28 of whom are managers and specialist technologists, are employed there. The company specialises in producing and selling interlining products. This textile company also holds the right to import and export goods. It has made a name for itself in the sector as a supplier of high-end products, and is the largest manufacturer of high-quality interlinings in Hebei Province. Since it was set up, Hebei Chunfeng Interlining Co., Ltd. has developed numerous new innovations, has gained a wealth of experience, and has been set up as a vertically integrated company. This wellknown player in the sector now runs spinning, weaving, warp knitting and finishing operations. Over the last few years, this company has been focusing on training new, talented people and managers, as well as developing new products. More money has also been invested in the plant. The new TM WEFT, E 24, supplied by KARL MAYER, is one of its most recent acquisitions.

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The company premises of Hebei Chunfeng Interlining Co., Ltd.

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