STOLL invites you to the next series of online courses for k.innovation CREATE DESIGN

After launching its first online courses for k.innovation CREATE DESIGN at the end of last year, STOLL continues its online course series for the new software for digital knitwear development. Dates for the trainings in the first half of the year are:

8. and 9. March with application deadline 8. February

27. and 28. April with application deadline 30. March

5. and 6. July with application deadline 7. June

The k.innovation CREATE DESIGN software combines knitwear design with 3D product development and knitting production to increase efficiency in the flat knitting industry. It offers important features for the digital knitwear development. The online course explains these features and shows how they can be used. The target groups are primarily knitwear designers and creatives such as Vasilios Fasois.
The founder of AthensKnitLab has already registered for the course in March. With AthensKnitLab he wants to promote the modern digital craft of knitting by combining technology, design and innovation with high-quality craftsmanship. In order to achieve this, Vasilios Fasois and his team works with STOLL and have invested in their latest flat knitting machine technology and digital solutions. k.innovation CREATE DESIGN is therefore a must for AthensKnitLab. ‘’The digital transformation is indispensable for the future’’, says the entrepreneur. And with it the short time-to-market, stitch simulations and the virtualization of patterns with digital yarns and colourways. ‘’Small high-end productions, bespoke knitwear and digital patterns will reduce lead times and make knitting a part of the digital ecosystem of the future. Sustainable production and reduced waste are the added value of this workflow’’. In addition, k.innovation CREATE DESIGN strengthens the creative potential. ‘’This software bridges the generation gap. It gives designers and technicians skills to enter the market of the future’’. Designers, technicians and all others involved in the creative process can communicate and work more efficiently with each other with the new software solution. Registrations are possible by e-mail at

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asilios Fasois is looking forward to the k.innovation CREATE DESIGN course. ‘’We are excited about all the new possibilities that the STOLL software has to offer for today and especially for the future’’.

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