Rapid ordering of spare parts – it’s in your hands!

An upgrade of the WEBSHOP SPARE PARTS platform is on the starting line

KARL MAYER is expanding its WEBSHOP SPARE PARTS platform in order to support its clients in their day-to-day operations even more effectively. With a number of new functions, this online ordering platform is now even more useful. This manufacturer is “beating the publicity drum” even harder – to disseminate more information about it. A new film was being premiered at ITMA 2019 in Barcelona, showing the webshop, together with its functions and advantages. The WEBSHOP was also celebrating a first for the warp preparation sector at this leading trade fair. It was being successfully presented to clients with all the existing functions, together with the web shops that have already been installed. Webshops for the KARL MAYER’s business units are also being presented at specific trade fairs. The Webshop for Technical Textiles was being promoted at the JEC World exhibition in March 2019, which generated a great deal of interest.


Extending the online procurement of spare parts for technical textiles

The WEBSHOP SPARE PARTS for Technical Textiles began on a small scale in 2017, and has been expanding gradually ever since. By the end of 2018/19, the range covered more than 3,200 items – so it was time for a relaunch. The ordering platform, with specific actions, was presented to a wide circle of customers and was very well received. The webshop for KARL MAYER Technische Textilien is now being used by customers from 13 countries. “We are extremely pleased, and we are increasingly expanding our spare parts business via our webshop,” said Jessica Schwabe from KARL MAYER Technische Textilien in July 2019. She found a new innovation, which was unveiled at ITMA, particularly useful: this was the setting up of the central access address,, which directs the user straight to the webshop that has been made available to him. Alternatively, he can select the webshop that he wants to use via a landing page.


An upgrade that increases efficiency

In the latest upgrade, the WEBSHOP SPARE PARTS has been extended by the ability to specify the delivery times. In addition to the standard delivery times, an additional display now also gives information on the current availability of selected items, as a function of the number of pieces required. This new function gives the customer optimum support when planning his requirements. The WEBSHOP SPARE PARTS for Warp Knitting also offers some new functions that go beyond the conventional procurement of spare parts. This extended feature relates to work on the machine operations of the customers on site. KARL MAYER has linked service packages for standard applications to meet the requirements of its customers. The focus here is on the mechanical and electrical work, which can be booked via a contact at KARL MAYER. For example, if a customer is intending to change the gauge on his HKS machine, or if he is planning to update the software, he can obtain information on the type and extent of the work and which person to contact in the webshop under the heading of SERVICE Packages. In addition to the use of personnel on site, the package includes selected web seminars from the KARL MAYER online training programme. The cross-selling features have also been extended as part of the process for expanding the contents of the webshop. This now contains even more cross-references to the associated products.


Easy access and switching

To provide additional support, the procurement of spare parts has also been made more mobile. For example, the k.maintenance app from KM.ON allows direct access to the WEBSHOP SPARE PARTS. This practical app can also be used for the Scan-to- Order function for simple ordering, and the Check Parts function for quickly checking the authenticity of the spare parts. A special symbol in the delivery note enables a switch to be made easily from conventional ordering to online ordering. Every product shown in the document, together with its availability in the webshop, is marked by a shopping cart symbol. By specifying a code, subsequent orders can also be placed very easily using the Scan-to-Order function. This practical symbol will soon be transferred to other documents.


Maximising efficiency and halving loss

KARL MAYER has developed 2"-guide units with separable 1"-segments for maximum efficiency when threading the ground guide bars of its warp knitting machines. These long units reduce the time needed for rethreading the guide bars compared to the current 1"-types, and they eliminate the disadvantage of the current 2"-units in the event of any damage. Previously, the entire 2"-unit had to be changed if there was a defect in a guide, but now just the 1"-section with the defect can be removed easily and replaced separately.

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