MJ 92/1 B, a superlative JACQUARDTRONIC® LACE for a perfect fabric appearance

Committed to symmetry

With the MJ 92/1 B, KARL MAYER has added an outstanding model to its successful MJ machine series.

The newcomer has 92 bars, making it the JACQUARDTRONIC® LACE with the highest number of bars in the portfolio offered by the innovative world market leader.

Thanks to its technical configuration, the MJ 92/1 B produces premium elastic lace articles offering unprecedented flexibility, variety and a clearly defined look and feel, and at an extremely competitive price to boot. Based on proven MJ technology, the MJ 92/1 B is a reliable, flexible production machine with an excellent price/performance ratio.

Greater clarity thanks to counter lapping jacquard technology

The unique patterning performance of the new MJ model has two bars for elastane, a jacquard bar in split execution and 88 pattern guide bars, all arranged together in 16 shogging lines.

This set up of the MJ 92/1 B is targeted predominantly toward the production of elastic galloon lace, and also all-over lace for stylish lingerie items. The products are characterised by an extremely distinct fabric appearance created by a clearly drawn and symmetrically designed jacquard ground.

The two split Jacquard bars work counterlapped and are split-threaded. In addition, the elastane is split into two bars that also work counterlapped mirroring the movement of the Jacquard. In this way complete symmetry is achieved.

In addition to modern counter-lapped jacquard patterns, traditional equal-lapped equivalents can also be produced. Switching between the two options is almost seamless. This flexibility offers customers a competitive advantage.

Shortest payback times

The MJ 92/1 B offers the greatest possible productivity in view of its extraordinary design flexibility, thereby setting new standards in the lace industry. As a result, the investment in the machine soon pays for itself. At a working speed of up to 800 rpm, an average of around 24 m of grey fabric can be produced per hour, using the entire working width and standard yarns.

Released for sale in May 2021

The new high-bar MJ machine was successfully presented to key customers in China in mid-May 2021. It was then released for worldwide sale shortly afterwards. It premiered at a highly regarded performance demonstration in front of an expert audience at an in-house show during the most recent ITMA ASIA + CITME at KARL MAYER (CHINA).

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