Machines for the highly efficient production of face masks

Quick textile help – provided by KARL MAYER

The coronavirus infection rates are rapidly increasing worldwide, and require readily available solutions. With its raschel machines, KARL MAYER offers a manufacturing technology for the highly efficient production of mouth and nose masks. These masks have been developed at KARL MAYER, and are manufactured during a highly productive one-step production in large quantities. In other words: the masks are made in one piece, without the need of any sewing work. Depending on the machine type, an output of up to 280 pieces per hour is possible. KARL MAYER developed various models, for different requirements.

You can find the relevant examples and contact persons in our Virtual Showroom.

We provide our customers with all the pattern data required for the manufacturing process. The seamless solutions are comfortable to wear and can be reused. The masks had not yet been medically tested and certified, but they can render good services for the protection of fellow human beings. Work is currently being carried out on the further development and certification of these articles.

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