Lifelike fabric simulation and real-time display of processes and machine status – specialities of the software producer TEXION

The international textile and clothing market wants a wide range of products and high-end quality but, at the same time, is governed by extreme cost constraints – a challenge that the software provider, TEXION, is helping companies in this sector to face with its software solutions.

Companies can tap into a huge potential when developing new products and by automating and optimising production - as long as they are using the right software. TEXION has, therefore, revamped and improved its ProCad range of CAD systems. With its new simulation software, this software specialist is also offering top quality 3D simulation that even the most discerning customers will accept when making their pre-selections. More drafts and fewer samples is just one of the advantages of this new system.

TEXION’s new software developments are also focusing on the machines that are used to produce this wide range of designs. The modern warp knitting machines used are state-of-the-art. ProFab’s role is to enable the performance potential of this technology to be fully utilised and to network the production machines into efficient processes. The Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is the link between the planning system and the production machine and is responsible for the automated sequences in accordance with Industry 4.0.

During production, both the ProCad and ProFab systems offer optimum integration and maximum benefits for the client. This performance is based on many years of close cooperation between TEXION and KARL MAYER, the leading manufacturer of warp knitting machines, on excellent customer relations, and on the proximity to the Technische Hochschule RWTH (RWTH Aachen University) in Aachen, where the company is based.


Pro-Fab – working with real-time data during textile production

ProFab is an efficient MES that supports every type and generation of warp knitting machine. This flexible TEXION product can be absorbed easily into existing infrastructures, and networks the machines to the planning system. Fully integrated into the machine control systems, ProFab can access all the machine data and all the planning data at the same time – an important pre-requisite for carrying out fully automatic sequences, and an effective process automation system. The guaranteed real-time networking of the machines into the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems provides an accurate view of the status of the machines at all times, the machine utilisation, the status of the job, as well as quality reports and analyses. Problems can be detected immediately and resource planning is simplified.


ProCad – a new dimension in 3D simulation

ProCad is the perfect tool for the design departments of textile producers. The high-end ProCad software developer enables multibar and jacquard raschel patterns to be developed and processed. The ProCad warpknit can handle warp-knitted spacer textiles, tricot and raschel fabrics. They can also be visualised as simulations – performance features that TEXION is expanding and optimising all the time.

The new 3D fabric simulation system was premiered at ITMA 2015. This innovative solution is available immediately for the ProCad developer, and alongside the 3D-Lab for the ProCad warpknit. It can produce 3D simulations of large lace, jacquard and tricot patterns extremely quickly and creates an extremely realistic image, which is based on two important new innovations – newly developed 3D algorithms and a wide range of new yarn models. The resulted surface structures look three-dimensional and sculptured, even at high magnifications. Reflective effects and light and shaded areas can be examined very closely on a microscopic level. Microscopically displaying the fabric enables yarn effects, such as shimmering yarns and deformations by integration in the stitch structure to be shown to full advantage.

According to Werner Modenbach, the goal that he set himself, i.e. to avoid the time-consuming and expensive production of sample collections in every area of warp knitting, has been achieved with 3D simulation. The feedback from clients, even in sensitive and critical areas, such as the car industry, is extremely positive. The users will recognise and accept the new simulation technology as a basis for making their pre-selections.

The ProCad developer and the ProCad warpknit are efficient design tools that make many more fabrics available for pre-selection than ever before for a much lower cost. Samples now only need to be produced of a few fabrics.

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Fig.: Diagram of yarn deformation, created by ProCad

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