Leading the Future of Knitwear Design

KM.ON presents an innovative digital solution at Munich Fabric Start and Pitti Filati

KM.ON, at the forefront of digital knitwear technology, is gearing up to revolutionize the textile industry as it participates in two pivotal trade fairs: Munich Fabric Start in Munich and Pitti Filati in Florence. These events mark a significant milestone in the company's journey to redefine knitwear design and development.

Munich Fabric Start: January 23-25, 2024
At Munich Fabric Start, one of the most esteemed events in the world of textiles and fashion, KM.ON will introduce its groundbreaking software, CREATE DESIGN. Located at booth D24, KM.ON’s team, including the knowledgeable Jessy-Belle Kürig, will showcase how CREATE DESIGN digitalize the knitwear design process, merging innovation with practicality.
Jessy-Belle Kürig comments, "Munich Fabric Start is the perfect platform to demonstrate how CREATE DESIGN can transform knitwear design. We’re excited to show its unparalleled efficiency and flexibility in bringing designs to life."
Visitors can book an appointment with Jessy-Belle Kürig at or directly register here: Registration to discover CREATE DESIGN’s capabilities, including its integration with external 3D software and collaboration with 3D partner Assyst Fashiontech.

Pitti Filati: January 24-26, 2024
Simultaneously, KM.ON will be at Pitti Filati, unveiling CREATE DESIGN at the iconic Fortezza da Basso in Florence. Here, KM.ON joins forces with industry leaders STOLL by KARL MAYER and Prisma Tech, a partner of CLO Virtual Fashion Inc., to deliver unmatched textile solutions.
Cluster Lead for Design & Patterning, Ülfet Doganay, will represent KM.ON at Pitti Filati. "Our presence at Pitti Filati is a testament to our commitment to innovation. CREATE DESIGN is not just software; it's a new era in textile design, and I can't wait to share our vision with the industry," says Ülfet Doganay.
For an exclusive demonstration, attendees can contact Ülfet Doganay at

A New Era in Knitwear Design
At both fairs, KM.ON aims to highlight how CREATE DESIGN seamlessly blends technology with creativity, offering a tool that is not only efficient but also a catalyst for artistic expression in knitwear.
Don't miss these opportunities to witness the future of knitwear design, connect with industry experts, and explore how KM.ON's innovative solutions can transform your design rocesses.Save the dates and join KM.ON in their journey towards revolutionizing the textile industry. The future of knitwear design awaits.



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