Lace – perfect for clothes and bags alike

Exceptional panel fabrics produced on an OJ 59/1 B for an unconventional use

Lace makes lingerie seductive and produces eye-catching apparel, and can also be used to create stylish, striking looks for other end-uses. Therefore, the motto of Olga Luzikov’s master’s thesis was “Re-thinking lace”. This student at the Hochschule Reutlingen (Reutlingen University) studied a number of new possibilities and was supported in her efforts by KARL MAYER. She used its new OJ 59/1 B machine to produce a brightly coloured design with a graphic look. “We decided not to use a classic lace look for this student project,” said Daniela Breuer, a textile developer at KARL MAYER, who was on hand to provide help and advice to Olga Luzikov. Instead, these two designers decided to use graphics, multicoloured effects and a variety of different structures. The base was made up of different jacquard grounds featuring a variety of dense, linear and mesh constructions to create a lively look. The design was made even more dynamic by using matt/shiny contrasting effects and bright colours. The brightly coloured ensemble was produced by processing spin-dyed yarns, some of which were multicoloured yarns, and then dyeing the finished raw fabric. The result was a lace to suit every need. The innovative design is perfect for producing apparel and for creating new and different looks for backpacks, bags and shoes, for example. The city bag shown on this page combines the lace with a warp-knitted spacer textile. The durable 3D textile provides adequate strength in those areas subjected to the most wear, such as the base and fastening section, and also creates an effective contrast to the filigree, decorative material in the middle part. Well then – happy shopping!


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