KARL MAYER North America could draw track record from its In-House Exhibition, 26-28 April 2016 in Greensboro, North Carolina

In dialogue with a market already in the starting blocks

After two and a half days the in-house exhibition of KARL MAYER North America ended in the evening of 28 April in Greensboro with an extraordinary success record. The event with machinery show, Academy courses and lectures was attended by altogether 271 guests.

The visitors came from 82 companies and organizations, being active in a wide variety of areas. Not only representatives from warp-knitting, weaving, knitting and fiber production were present but also interested parties from such fields as composites, aerospace industry as well as from consulting and education. Very gratifying was especially the visitor share of brand manufacturers belonging to the sports, clothing and intimate sectors.

Many of the visitors had undertaken a very long journey to attend the exhibition. In the column „regions of origin“ of the registration list one could find all US states but also Canada, Mexico and India. All the participants in the event took the opportunity to learn more about the state-of-the-art machine technology, to develop new ideas for new business opportunities, to network and to enhance their know-how. For ensuring the machine loading with the suitable yarn material, KARL MAYER closely cooperated with the yarn manufacturers Unifi Manufacturing, Nilit Fibers and INVISTA.

State-of-the-art machines for a market with willingness to invest

For the fabric production segment, KARL MAYER presented one HKS 4-M EL, one RDPJ 6/2 EL and one RSJ 5/1 EL, in other words: a very convincing technology. „The machine demonstration attracted a huge attention“, concluded Tony Hooimeijer, President of KARL MAYER North America, and Oliver Mathews, Vice President Sales and Marketing of KARL MAYER’s Warp Knitting BU confirmed: „There is a great interest in new technologies“. The exhibited machines belong to KARL MAYER’s current delivery program but for many of the guests they just represented the next generation technology.

The Warp Preparation Business Unit could also draw up a successful summary in terms of conversation quality and variety of visitors. The clients did not just drop in to have a look at the machines but they already arrived with a lot of detailed questions, explained Dieter Gager, Vice President Sales of the Warp Preparation BU. Many of the discussions focused on the displayed NOV-O-MATIC 1.000 equipped with the MULTITENS yarn tensioner system. The possibility to achieve high output with reduced manpower makes automatic machines especially interesting for replacement investments, because: „A lot of fairly old, manual warpers are presently running in the USA“, said Dieter Gage who, in addition to the automatic warping machine, also presented the VSB PROSIZE® size box to the visitors.

The BU Technical Textiles used the in-house exhibition to showcase its carbon fiber spreading unit UD 500 and to meet customers. The guests came with wide interests and very different questions. „Such compact events as this in-house exhibition give me the chance to have intensive discussions with our clients. I always try to find out something about their activities, the latest trends and how we - as machinery manufacturers - can support them on the market“, explained Rainer Seuss, Product Manager of KARL MAYER Technische Textilien GmbH.

All about the warp knitting know-how

Another highlight - beside the machinery show - was represented by the training courses offered by the KARL MAYER Academy during the in-house exhibition. Altogether six courses took place, and all of them were fully booked. Every course was attended by 30 participants who had the opportunity to gather information and know-how about machines, textile products and applications.

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