KARL MAYER celebrated the topping-out ceremony for a new assembly hall at the location in Obertshausen

Crowning event of KARL MAYER’s modernization program

KARL MAYER has started to build a new assembly hall in Obertshausen which means an investment in the future. The spacious building - with office and engineering section - covers an area of 13,500 m². The appeal of the building lies in its modern, functional architecture, being of utmost importance to the company. „Considering the volatile business environment and the strong competition from Asia, this new factory hall enables us to meet the market requirements and our customers’ needs by means of efficient and cost-effective manufacturing and assembly sections“, explained Roland Kohn in his function as Head of Building Management for the entire real estate of the KARL MAYER Group. With its considerable capacities the new factory hall perfectly complements a whole program of modernization actions by means of which KARL MAYER wants to strengthen its German business location.

The company gave special consideration to this important building project on 25. April by organizing a great topping-out ceremony. This was also the opportunity to celebrate the scheduled progress of the project. After starting the construction works on 29. August 2015 and after reaching important milestones just in time, there should no longer be any obstacles to the completion of the building in September/October 2016, followed by a fast move.

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