KAMCOS®2 – a platform for mastering the technology

To offer its customers maximum benefits, KARL MAYER makes sure that it is always on the ball when it comes to automation technology as well. Just in time for ITMA 2015 this textile machinery manufacturer will present the KAMCOS®2 system.

It is the successor to the KARL MAYER Command System which was introduced in 2003, and is designed to organize and structure the control concepts of all the machines produced by the KARL MAYER Group.

Right from the word go, this new automation platform, which is based on the latest industry standards, offers a man/machine interface with the same sort of operating functions that are used in smartphones and tablets all over the world nowadays. This makes learning how to use it as easy as child’s play. The operating display is based on using the machine in practice, and shows the user all the application parameters relating to the desired functions in a clearly laid-out way. The design is fun, and the user can learn how to use and master it intuitively. User errors are virtually ruled out by the integrated monitoring functions and by controlled access via data chip. It is simply a matter of placing an access key in front of the relevant counterpart next to the display, and the machine’s data are revealed to the user, tailor-made for specific functions. KAMCOS® 2 also offers advantages in terms of its
well-thought-out solutions for system integration. For example, the Laserstop system of yarn monitoring has been completely integrated into the new platform. Yarn breakages are detected instantly in the sensor and evaluated by the machine control system. A newly developed camera monitoring system for inspecting the textile web has been integrated into the new KAMCOS® 2 system, and makes all the relevant information available to the user. The machine’s new lighting system with status indicator function is also controlled via KAMCOS® 2. For example, by switching to red when there is a problem, a signal is sent to the user, even some distance away in the production hall, which provides information on the operating status of the machine. As a control centre, KAMCOS®2 also provides an optimum basis for all the functions, so that they can be accessed via the new KARL MAYER CONNECT smartphone app. This enables data to be accessed via mobile devices and represents an entry into the world of mobile communication. The data are still protected and only available to authorized users.

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Fig. 1: Simple and easily understandable menu navigation – typical features of KAMCOS®2

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