Innovations with push effects

Product show at KARL MAYER (CHINA) exceeds all expectations

The KARL MAYER GROUP is supporting its customers right now, in times of crisis and upheaval, with pioneering solutions for the development of their businesses. The global player recently demonstrated what these market-effective innovations look like at a product show during ITMA ASIA from November 19 to 23, 2023 at its site in Changzhou City.

A whole range of brand new machines made their debut at the industry get-together, including a multifunctional RASCHELTRONIC® with maximum flexibility, a TEXTRONIC® Lace, whose products come closer than ever before to the coveted Leavers Lace standard, and two performance-optimized mid-range representatives from the tricot machine family, which were complemented by established machines with selected performance focuses. Furthermore, a double-needle-bar raschel machine for all-round use demonstrated the possibilities for producing a wide range of high-quality jacquard spacer textiles. In addition to the machines, there were innovative digital solutions that, among other things, revolutionize the production management of warp knitting mills and monitor the machine's energy consumption, as well as Care Solutions offerings for all-round support at the highest level.

The diverse range of exhibits was very well received. KARL MAYER (CHINA) counted a total of 215 visitors, most of whom came from China, but also from India, Korea, Turkey, Taiwan and Indonesia. The great interest was surprising. "The product show exceeded all our expectations. There were more guests from China and abroad than ever before at comparable events at KARL MAYER (CHINA)," explains Rainer Müller. However, the President of Sales of the KARL MAYER Warp Knitting Business Unit is not only satisfied with the number of visitors. "With a total of ten machines on display, we were able to show that we are technological leaders in a wide range of end applications. Our sales managers and our R&D team received a lot of positive feedback from our customers during and after the performance demonstrations of the machines. Some of them were so impressed by what they saw that they started price discussions with us on site," says Rainer Müller. The lace raschel machine was even sold on the spot.

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