Innovations for warp preparation

In the warp preparation section KARL MAYER will be showing the stylish, flexible „best of” sectional warper PRO WARP® and the new MM 128/3.600 in a wider width. Besides, the company will be presenting high-tech solutions such as the Double Vario technology for the denim sector and the VSB Size Box, the heart of the PRO SIZE® sizing machine.

With its PRO WARP® (Fig.1) KARL MAYER is offering a study in concept and design in the shape of its new, stylish, flexible sectional warper. This new machine, which features the company’s new corporate design, combines the performance features of the Opt-O-Matic and the ERGOTEC, and is designed to successively replace these successful models when it goes into production. Equipped with the “best of” technology, the PRO WARP® is intended to offer maximum design flexibility throughout the production process. For example, the rotating direction of the warping drum on this innovative machine can be adjusted to suit the warping requirements of the client, and the job can be adjusted to suit the type of yarn being processed. In general, the new PRO WARP® can cater for a very broad range of applications: during beaming, yarns can be processed for producing shirtings, whilst technical yarns can also be processed. The maximum beaming speed is 500 m/min. This high-performance sectional warper is available with a full beam diameter of 800 to 1,250 mm, and with a working width of 2,200 to 5,600 mm. The tensile force values may vary from 20 to 1,800 N during warping.

The new MM 128/3.600 (Fig. 2) is based on the successful machine concept of the MM 128. Like its predecessor, it can process 128 yarns but, with a working width of 3,600 mm, is 1,350 mm wider. This larger format extends the applications of the Multi-Matic®, so that it can now produce sample and production warps of average running lengths for use in the production of high-end upholstery and soft furnishings.

The principles of producing fabrics for the high-end market are based on a successful machine concept and owe much to the exceptional performance profile of the Multi-Matic® series. The special performance features include the possibility of producing a wide range of designs as a result of the extended pattern options, the processing of a wide range of colours and yarns, a high level of productivity, and the production of warp beams of the highest quality.

High-quality, flexible and sustainable sizing – all these advantages are offered by the VSB Size Box, the heart of the PRO SIZE® sizing machine.

This innovative piece of sizing equipment operates with no immersion whatsoever. It consists of three highly turbulent, uniform application zones with patented application/squeeze rollers and a spray bar system (Fig. 3). The result is a considerable number of advantages: compared to the immersion bath technique, up to 10% fewer sizing additives are needed, energy consumption is reduced during desizing, and less effluent is produced. Applying the size from a spray nozzle under pressure also results in an extremely uniform application. This is due to uniform concentrations, temperatures and viscosities as a result of the high size circulation rate. Efficient size filtration produces a more uniform size film and generates less dust, which increases weaving efficiency. The uniform liquor application also enables the double size box to be converted to a single size box – a switch that makes further processing even more economical. The VSB also offers advantages in terms of its ergonomics and clear layout. The special design enables the warp sheet to be operated vertically during delivery, which provides enough space for easy access to the machine. The operator also has an unrestricted view of the entire processing sequence (Fig. 4). And last but not least, the VSB is extremely flexible. The working range of the size bath, which depends on the number of yarn ends and the yarn count, may be as much as 20% higher than conventional systems (Fig. 5).

KARL MAYER can offer the ProDye® flexible dyeing machine for warp preparation in the jeans sector. The heart of this innovative equipment for denim production is a dyebath featuring the Double Vario technology. The machine feeds the warp yarns into two chambers having a yarn capacity of 11.2 m through the dyebath, and this ensures that the liquor penetrates the yarn optimally. The liquor circulates at a rate of up to 10 times an hour. The result is high, uniform dyeing, deep indigo shades, and a marked reduction in the overall number of products being classed as seconds. Another advantage is that nitrogen technology can also be incorporated into the process, which enables the total dyebath volume to be reduced by as much as 20%. A roller-raising system simplifies handling when dealing with broken yarn ends and also facilitates cleaning.

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Fig. 1: Rendering of the new PRO WARP®

Fig. 2: Detail view of the MM 128/3.600

Fig. 3: An immersion-free process over three zones offers numerous advantages during size application

Fig. 4: Vertical warp beam operation

Fig. 5: Working range diagram

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