Body mapping re-thought

At KARL MAYER a sportswear collection made from highly innovative warp-knitted textiles was produced punctually for ITMA since, as Gabriela Schellner, Head of the Textile Product Development at the well-known global player, says, “The sportswear sector wants to know what is happening in the machine building sector because this will determine textile developments for the next five to ten years.” Inspired by Flyknit, Gabriela Schellner and her team focused on a fabric having integrated functionality when developing innovative textiles. “Young people and active people in particular are looking for tops and briefs that they can wear for sports as well as leisure activities.” At the same time, the raw edges and seams should be incorporated directly into the panels. Designs having few seams minimise the making-up processes and reduce chafing during wear. The RSJ 4/2 RASCHELTRONIC® is perfect for working a wide range of pattern constructions in a single fabric. Possible lappings, structures and elastic moduli were incorporated into a library in the first stage. Bogart in Hong Kong, with all its experience with meeting the needs of the customer, then came into the game. This lingerie specialist produced a design with the required functional zones, which was then produced on the RSJ 4/2, E 28. 4-way-stretch fabrics with a breathable mesh design, stable areas, and zones having different elastic moduli to provide support and a perfect fit were produced – seamlessly next to each other and in those areas where they are needed. For example, a high force absorption is created in the zones around the bottom and muscles. In this case, a higher percentage of elastane was integrated into the fabric by means of the pattern. “The items produced are inspired by a sporty look, but the technology can also be used to produce feminine designs,” says Gabriela Schellner when speaking about the future outlook.

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