All-round support – a complete technical service with the customer at the centre

KARL MAYER has strategically restructured its tried-and-tested, all-round technical customer support service, and has introduced some specific, complementary new features, which will be premiered at ITMA.

A particular advantage is the use of online communication. In addition to providing direct, personal customer consultancy/advice, two innovative online services are now available for mobile devices, the KARL MAYER CHECK PARTS app, and the KARL MAYER CONNECT app – for rapid communication between user and company. Moreover, KARL MAYER will be presenting an online WEBSHOP for SPARE PARTS accessible via the Internet. More specifically, 360° support (Fig. 1) means comprehensive technical support in relation to sales and services, an efficient spare parts supply, first-class textile advice, and specific customer training. The modules all interlink with each other and are run by experienced, trained specialists.

Increasing efficiency by providing a service via smartphones and tablets

The KARL MAYER CONNECT app has been developed to provide faultless, efficient communication between the customer and the service organisation. The app will be unveiled at ITMA 2015 for the first time. It is the heart of a software platform that covers the first two levels of a service matrix, whose features have been extended in three stages.

With Level 1, the personnel on site can scan a QR code on the operator console of the machine via a mobile phone and, if required, can send off a service request to the KARL MAYER service specialists. Important information for explaining the problem can be transmitted with the QR code.

With Level 2 of the service matrix, the machines and mobile devices can be linked into the customer’s network via the WLAN at the same time. This link also enables the service request to be sent via the KARL MAYER CONNECT app – but with a more extensive package of machine data. There is also an option to insert photos and comments into the service request here. The customer can also look at the machine data within the company network, even outside the machine’s working area. The operating data are also available for checking whilst on the move (Fig. 2), and these include the notification history, the speed record, and any machine documentation. Anyone who wants to ask KARL MAYER something quickly can open the link to the manufacturer’s homepage via the CONNECT app. These app-based solutions enable the customer to communicate easily with the experts at KARL MAYER via smartphones and tablets, and this also applies to those clients involved with mass production.

The features of the KARL MAYER CONNECT app complement Level 3 of the service communication system, the existing Teleservice system. The ability to view things remotely is based on bidirectional exchange, i.e. the customer sends a service request, which links the in-house technical support personnel at KARL MAYER up to the machine control system. In this case, the data are transferred by a secure Internet connection.

Dual protection against copying when procuring spare parts provided by KARL MAYER’s new label of authenticity including the QR code

KARL MAYER has developed a special label of authenticity (Fig. 3) for certifying the quality of its spare parts, thus, providing protection against copies – and this is a two-tier strategy. Security level one is a non-removable sticker, which is used to seal the box. As long as it is intact, this label of authenticity guarantees that the spare parts are original. A hologram on the label, which has been specially designed by KARL MAYER, shows immediately that a delivery is authentic.

Level two of the anti-copying system is based on a QR code. This digital element is also a feature of the seal of authenticity, and permits the authenticity of the label to be checked as well. The KARL MAYER CHECK PARTS app just has to be loaded from the app store into a smartphone. The QR code is scanned (Fig. 4) and all the information on the original quality status and on the product is displayed.

If there is any doubt, the customer can contact KARL MAYER. The report can be sent to the manufacturer via a simple menu navigation system on the app display. Once the appropriate function has been selected, the photo mode is activated automatically and a picture of the seal or spare part can be sent to KARL MAYER as an attachment in an e-mail.

Order virtually, profit in reality – with the new SPARE PARTS WEBSHOP

KARL MAYER’s new SPARE PARTS WEBSHOP makes ordering spare parts quicker, easier and more transparent. Just by clicking on the mouse, customers can directly order current wearing parts or they can inquire the relevant technical components not covered by this category via an online glance into the machine documentation. Moreover, before placing his order the customer can also describe the required articles by means of text and pictures to be uploaded – all these offers are easy to handle. The purchase via WEBSHOP is possible both on PC and by mobile devices such as smartphone and tablet. Inviting elements of the new system are easy operation, intuitive menu navigation and easily understandable, richly illustrated design with well-thought-out search and filter functions.

Another feature in terms of user orientation is the display of individual data, after the customer had made his personal registration (log in). When repeat orders have to be made on a regular basis, an efficient document management system makes the ordering even easier: the most recent orders are uploaded and the relevant ones can be sent off again. Payment by credit card ensures a quick and secure payment and, thus, the direct delivery of the spare parts on stock.

At ITMA you will have a first opportunity for trying it out. At the launch of KARL MAYER’s new SPARE PARTS WEBSHOP roughly 1,500 directly orderable parts and components for selected machines and markets will be available via the B2B platform. Other roll-out steps are planned. The worldwide introduction is scheduled to take place by end of 2017.

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